Today’s update is a simple one, more of a production update than anything.

There’ll be a video up eventually to show the video project I worked on over the summer.

As well as maybe a clip from the stunt show I was in!

JASPER CONROY 2 is currently in pre-production, steadily getting complete. The screenplay i about half done, and the props are being made as we speak. We also have a special effects guy on the team now, from Redwolf99 on YouTube. He’s also re-working the special effects of Part 1.

Also, a friend of the site and member of Future Film Makers, Tom Murphy, is working on a short which I am producing, called “The Punching Bag”. Casting is almost done, screenplay is wrapped, and locations are about to be scouted.

Mike Woodard, creator of Bride and friend of the site, has been busy at work on a new series: Death Makes Fools of Us All. Here’s that vid:

The rest of the club is busy producing, I am working towards my big project for next semester. Life is goin’ pretty good! Bout ready to catch up on my Martial Arts documentary as well.

More updates soon to come!