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This is the first film created by the FUTURE FILM MAKERS since The Intersection

Starring Thomas England as “Thomas,” the story here is about a young freshman college student who procrastinates so much that his GPA goes way down. His mother and father, very worried for his success, decide that the best course of action will be to send a tutor of sorts.

Unfortunately for Thomas they have sent MAX ACTION, the MAN OF ACTION, who’s methods are somewhat…unusual.

Running time- 2:30
Future Filmmakers Films 2008

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Here’s a new trailer for Curse of Bodangofish starring Sam Anderson as Joe Belivitz (same character from Car Trouble).

This trailer was made for Sam’s birthday, and to finally get something of the film up on the net! It contains all of his best lines, and even shows a bit of the storyline to the film itself!


So I’ve been taking CMAT 236 here at Salisbury, and that means I’m “learning” film production. Yeah, I’m gonna be egotistical for once on this site (well, if you don’t think it’s once then please, start a counter) and say how freaking pointless this is for me.

However, for every condescension you can give to someone else’s system of teaching, you will find errors in your own. It turns out while my technical skills (Aside from keeping the camera straight, I suppose) are waaaay above the norm, they do not make up for my inability to organize preproduction. I have learned some good methods to this, such as heavy storyboarding, organizing an Edit List, and production schedule.

So I am learning things, though they tend to be a tad redundant, and my ego is evening out. Besides which I WILL get to learn Steadi-Cam soon, and that’ll be the greatest thing ever.

In the meantime, we’ve made two projects, each of which I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten A+’s on, and while the first was all-mine, the second was a very well-invested group effort by myself, Scott Evans, Mateo Samper, and Ian Hunewill.

Here’s the first one I made, starring one of my regulars, James Howe, called “The Midnight Run.” It is certainly no where near as epic as it sounds.

The Midnight Run

Here is the second one, made by the group in my EFP (Electronic Field Production) course, starring Scott Evans, Matteo Samper, and Ian Hunewill. There will hopefully be a full length version made later, but for now we had to chop it down really hard core to a 1 minute montage. The final version, should we have time to edit it, will hopefully be around 3 minutes long and even more entertaining!

Korean Connection

School’s going pretty well- my academics aren’t exactly the best they’ve ever been, but I certainly feel like I’m learning a lot, even from this class.

Our next film, Line of Sight, is currently under production. We shot an hour of footage over 6 hours today, and 3 hours the previous day. Doesn’t sound like a lot, I know, but that’s cause we were hoofin it big time to get these beautiful shots in some of the woods near Seneca Creek State Park (but not in it).

The film takes place in The Peregrine Saga, with two characters, Stray (Bob Novich)- an exiled cage fighter from Canine Town, happening across The Monk (Rob Ramirez), a warrior from places unknown using an ancient style.

When they cross paths on the border of Canine Town, they are both targeted by the mercenary bounty hunter, Flintlock (Sam Anderson). Confused by the random shooting and luckily fast enough to jump out of the way, The Monk gives chase to Stray- thinking it he who fired first.

This is mostly just a simple demo for some choreography performance and editing, but we also got to work on Make Up and Costume selections for a change. Not to mention, we’ve actually started planning movies at least 1 day in advance- this one was 3- like Clarity last month.

All in all it was a GREAT learning experience, and we’ll have a lot of pre-production teaser stuff on the site in the coming days and weeks. Damien McCoy assistant directed for me, and took a lot of behind the scenes photos and some footage for us to enjoy while I take my sweet time editing it. We still have two scenes to film, one for background and one for the ending (after 6 hours both batteries I had were VERY unfortunately DEAD), and hopefully I can get those done before I go on vacation with my lovely girlfriend.

Well, we’re definitely striking some great poses over here. I love the people I work with- the crew has really formed a bond and I’m proud of everyone- most of them never really considered themselves actors, martial artists or stuntmen. I would like to say that this movie, for everyone I’ve worked with, confirms that you have all done it, you have come the full way, and whatever future’s you’re looking for are right ahead of you. You guys could do ANYTHING- film or not.

So, I’ll get to editing stuff a bit this week, and maybe have a teaser for something to show you soon. Goodnight everyone!

BOX BATTLE, BOX SPIES, SPY IN THE BOX, SPY ^3…we never really did decide on a name for this one. Though the credited one is my choice, Spy ^3 (cubed), most people will probably mistake that for Spy Kids 3.

Well whatever the case (IE name) may be, this is actually one of the more consistent STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Bringing out two great performances from James Howe and Philip Krocheski, I was really more impressed with the final results than I should have been. Granted, this video is now about 6 months old and I just now finished the final editing touches on it, making it come in under 10 minutes (still a tad long, I know Dan) but it manages to be a hoot and a holler when need be. The music was created by **** ******, who doesn’t want to be named, but I’m really thankful to him nonetheless. Filmed in scenic Salisbury University’s Dogwood Village, this is the first film detailing the epic battle between the Foreign Diplomat/Guy (James Howe) and Mr. Spy/Agent Q (Philip Krocheski), in a test of skill, witts, and…boxes. This is The prequel to THE INTERSECTION.