Class Projects: CMAT 236

So I’ve been taking CMAT 236 here at Salisbury, and that means I’m “learning” film production. Yeah, I’m gonna be egotistical for once on this site (well, if you don’t think it’s once then please, start a counter) and say how freaking pointless this is for me.

However, for every condescension you can give to someone else’s system of teaching, you will find errors in your own. It turns out while my technical skills (Aside from keeping the camera straight, I suppose) are waaaay above the norm, they do not make up for my inability to organize preproduction. I have learned some good methods to this, such as heavy storyboarding, organizing an Edit List, and production schedule.

So I am learning things, though they tend to be a tad redundant, and my ego is evening out. Besides which I WILL get to learn Steadi-Cam soon, and that’ll be the greatest thing ever.

In the meantime, we’ve made two projects, each of which I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten A+’s on, and while the first was all-mine, the second was a very well-invested group effort by myself, Scott Evans, Mateo Samper, and Ian Hunewill.

Here’s the first one I made, starring one of my regulars, James Howe, called “The Midnight Run.” It is certainly no where near as epic as it sounds.

The Midnight Run

Here is the second one, made by the group in my EFP (Electronic Field Production) course, starring Scott Evans, Matteo Samper, and Ian Hunewill. There will hopefully be a full length version made later, but for now we had to chop it down really hard core to a 1 minute montage. The final version, should we have time to edit it, will hopefully be around 3 minutes long and even more entertaining!

Korean Connection

School’s going pretty well- my academics aren’t exactly the best they’ve ever been, but I certainly feel like I’m learning a lot, even from this class.