BOX BATTLE, BOX SPIES, SPY IN THE BOX, SPY ^3…we never really did decide on a name for this one. Though the credited one is my choice, Spy ^3 (cubed), most people will probably mistake that for Spy Kids 3.

Well whatever the case (IE name) may be, this is actually one of the more consistent STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Bringing out two great performances from James Howe and Philip Krocheski, I was really more impressed with the final results than I should have been. Granted, this video is now about 6 months old and I just now finished the final editing touches on it, making it come in under 10 minutes (still a tad long, I know Dan) but it manages to be a hoot and a holler when need be. The music was created by **** ******, who doesn’t want to be named, but I’m really thankful to him nonetheless. Filmed in scenic Salisbury University’s Dogwood Village, this is the first film detailing the epic battle between the Foreign Diplomat/Guy (James Howe) and Mr. Spy/Agent Q (Philip Krocheski), in a test of skill, witts, and…boxes. This is The prequel to THE INTERSECTION.

  • ForeignGuy86

    howdy folks, James Howe here, the foerignguy/diplomat/ whatever you want to call him. over all i am happy with how this movie came out, Our editor, did a great job and this movie was fun to make, considering it was a halfbaked comedy we thought up at 3 in the morning. so please don’t take this thing seriously and have a laugh

  • Funkyman Sam

    I liked it, the first half better than the second, but it was still overall enjoyable. The first half was funny, but got kinda cheesy after the boxes came off. Music was good too.

    Party On,

  • Pretty funny.