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This is Dylan Hintz and Sam Anderson, the founding members of STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. We’ve been working on some new projects lately, but one in particular is something we’re going to want possible outside help with.

The movie, a short currently titled “Peregrine Saga: Darkest Places” is a drama with a few action sequences, it is a post apocalyptic sci fi martial arts fantasy that serves as an allegory for leaving home for college, staying behind as a “gangster,” or living off your parents’ wealth for the rest of your life. It draws inspiration from event in Dylan Hintz’s life, as well as those of his friends.

It will feature brief action sequences, but it mostly focuses on the stories of two young men, Josef and Dark, as through a series of events their lives are connected for one dangerous confrontation that will ask them to change their futures- for better or for worse. A stolen sword, a bandit for hire, an aristocratic fencer with something to prove, and the people who have control over their lives will be the focal points of this story.
Now that you’ve read the synopsis and are hopefully somewhat interested, let’s point out something: This isn’t a high paying gig. It might not be paying at all, but we’ll definitely cater. This movie is hopefully going to be sent through to local festivals and everything, and you get full credit for participation, it looks good on resumes, etc. We are still a part of the low-low (no) budget industry, and we are looking to practice, have fun, and make some art. We have a lot of faith in this story and want to help make it be the best it can. Maybe if the script is really good and we can organize a producer or something, we can work something else out, but for now we’re looking to simply make a good movie with a smart story and some fun action sequences.
The DC area is probably a good way to describe our location, however what we’re mainly looking into is Montgomery County. Areas around Seneca Creek State Park, Poolesville, and possibly even Sugarloaf Mountain are viable. We’ll also need a few set pieces (we’re trying to reserve a room in the Kentlands Mansion) such as a “mansion,” a “bar/tavern,” and what will pretty much be a shack in the woods. We’re already scouting.
Sam and Dylan are college students, and we will be going back to our schools in late August. This is possibly one of the last films we’ll be doing together so we’re looking to get this done ASAP, hopefully shooting it in late July Early August. That’s where you come in.

Sam Anderson is one of the stars, Dylan Hintz is working on the script as this is being written. There are a few other people from our crew that will hopefully star in it or work on the project. The following is a list of the kind of crew we’re looking for:

Recently Dylan’s Canon Elura 90 was stolen. Yes, we’ve worked on MiniDv most of our career, but it’s been useful for us. The homeowners insurance will allow STRIKE A POSE!!! Films to not die, however we might want to shoot this on better equipment. Granted we can get a new camera for 1,000 dollars (or a similar one for the same price), but we think we want some outside help with this aspect: Anyone with a prosumer type of camera (GL2’s etc) is really, really appreciated.

Do you know 3 Point Lighting? Then you understand more about it than us. What Dylan is really looking for is someone who can handle natural lighting and help him make it look clever. The indoor scenes could also really use some polish.

We really need some help with this. A mix between post apocalyptic, western, martial arts and contemporary, we need some fancy duds and some ragged wear-and-tear.

We’re looking for someone who can make it look like we just ripped out Sam’s eye. Other gore effects are greatly appreciated but we’re not aiming for tasteless. In any case, we want to have fun with this stuff and make the violence sorta real.


*While this is part of a martial arts themed universe, this movie will not have any actual martial arts sequences aside from a brief fencing match between Sam’s character Josef and a sparring opponent. We do, however, need people who can take some stunt work and have fun with it.

CHARACTERS needed to be played:

Dark: A 16-25 year old male who is preferably African American. Dark is a quiet person, with a killer’s eyes. Must be tough and able to do some mild stunt work/choreography. Must feel comfortable with knives (fake and real).

Badeua: a 30-50 year old male who is Dark’s talkative and slick mentor. He doesn’t usually fight, so this will be more of a real acting performance.

The Squires: three young men ages 14-18. They follow Josef around as a sorta jockstar group.

Boss Smith: A late 30’s to late 40’s female who serves as Josef’s mother. She has a wicked tongue, and knows her business. She runs the town and scolds her son for his dreams and failings as a political figure.

Ruger: a Late 20’s to late 30’s man who is a gun for higher, given the task of transporting a special sword along what sorta equates to a Silk Road in the story, he is the leader of the Chambers Gang. Will really need to play it cool, slick, but with a rough edge, and needs to be comfortable with guns (fake).

The Chambers: 4 late 20’s to late 30’s male gang members who act pretty much as redshirts in one scene. Knowing how to handle a gun to make it look more realistic is a plus.

The Mystic Woman: 40- 60 year old female Serves somewhat as an antithesis for Boss Smith’s character, she is an old woman who lives on the mountain healing young vagabonds who get into trouble. She provides words of wisdom for Dark and Badeau.

Doctor: A 20’s/30’sman who checks up on Josef after his injury

Nurse: A 20’s young woman who takes care of Josef after his injury. She has a conversation with Boss Smith about Josef’s future.

Bar Keep: An older man who is assaulted by Josef and his gang. He gives out info after they play “gangster” on his property.

The Peregrine: A late 30’s early 40’s male who doesn’t have a lot of speaking to do. Must be cold and menacing, as he plays a grim reaper bounty hunter role for our unfortunate heroes.

Questions and advice/concerns? Just message us back! We look forward to working with other filmmakers in this area!


This is the third and final music video of my brother’s band, MANIA BOX, featuring their song “FALLING.” The lyrics didn’t come through very well, but boy do they jam.

The music video is sorta about the death of their band, their first name being SO IT GOES, which was changed because of some stupid jazz tap group or something out in Minnesota. I don’t really know the details.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy, I play the badguy in the whole thing.


This is my final project for TV Production CMAT 136 at Salisbury University. Three club members actually starred in it: Rob Moroney as the monster, Valerie Campbell as the Girl, and James Howe as the Hunter. I got a 94 on the project, mostly because I practiced the night before, had it set up within five minutes of prep time, and got to shoot multiple takes for an entire 30 minutes- I’m worried that I almost had Valerie permanently damage her voice! It was a lot of fun though, and whether they were laughing with me or at me the rest of the class had a good time with it.

I re-edited just a couple of shots from the original- I tightened the Monster shot so the greenscreen edge wouldn’t show up so prominently, and I fixed the music so it’s audible.

I’ve never had nor do I actually endorse Monster Energy Drink.

This is the Long Version

Made by the film club at Salisbury University.

This is the short version.

Filmed with the group at SALISBURY University.