This is my final project for TV Production CMAT 136 at Salisbury University. Three club members actually starred in it: Rob Moroney as the monster, Valerie Campbell as the Girl, and James Howe as the Hunter. I got a 94 on the project, mostly because I practiced the night before, had it set up within five minutes of prep time, and got to shoot multiple takes for an entire 30 minutes- I’m worried that I almost had Valerie permanently damage her voice! It was a lot of fun though, and whether they were laughing with me or at me the rest of the class had a good time with it.

I re-edited just a couple of shots from the original- I tightened the Monster shot so the greenscreen edge wouldn’t show up so prominently, and I fixed the music so it’s audible.

I’ve never had nor do I actually endorse Monster Energy Drink.