A Night At The Oscars

Better late than never I suppose.

This is a clip from the episode of Don Singleton’s “Nexus”- at public access television show I help with on a weekly basis. They skewer all things that most media outlets find “newsworthy” such as the diabolically long and atrociously handled Anna Nicole Smith fiasco. The show’s producer, Don Singleton, and his co-host, Tom Luffman, work together to crack the question: Why are the major media outlets paying attention to such garbage stories when there’s more important news on the table?

Well, after the Oscars this year, I made a guest appearance as a guest, giving my insight on the movie world- the only politics I really know. I attended as a spokesperson and President for the club I run, which by the way has been changed to Future FilmMakers- there will be a page for it up eventually, I promise.

Here’s the video- sorta long, sorta old news, but good insight all around.