Hey everyone, tonight I decided to watch , TERMINATOR 2which is easily one of the best action films of all time (perhaps even one of the best movies of all time, currently number 83 on IMBD), and obviously one of my favorites. Did you know that it is considered honorably manly to cry during the end of this film? Damn right it is.


Well, a few years later, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Orlando or wherever, decided to make a “ride” to go along with one of their biggest blockbusters- ever.

This “ride” was actually an interactive 3D spectacle unlike anything really seen before, with inhouse stage effects like smoke and motors, and eye popping visual 3Ds such as the T-1000 coming right out of the screen to kill you. Sadly…I never got to see this feature…

Well, after watching the movie I did a check on YouTube, and found one of the coolest videos I have ever seen- an actual remastered 2D version of the 3D ride. It isn’t the whole thing, but what is shows is undoubtedly awesome, and if I find the rest of it, I’ll make another post. For now, enjoy this clip from TERMINATOR 2: 3D BATTLE ACROSS TIME