This is the short version.

Filmed with the group at SALISBURY University.

  • Haha! YES! You used our music! xP

    Awsome. Love the coloring effects They’re really cool. keep up the good work bro. Still makin music down here too, so keep in touch. I may have some new stuff you can use =P

  • Hmm. I watched it twice and I really just don’t get what is supposed to be going on. Well, I mean I get what is happening (two guys walk into a building, one guy steals… something…, gunfight, other guy takes it), but without any real context its just really, uh what word am I looking for, unfulfilling? This is the one you edited down right? Perhaps that is why, since it was not planned to be so short (or maybe I am just missing it). After watching it I sorta felt like “well thats that”. Not really negative, I just didn’t really have any strong opinion of it either way.

    Interesting use of glow though. Never seen anything like that really.