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As far as I know, at least 90% of the all-encompassing humanity is a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. M y younger brother’s band, included to a degree, performs one of their older hit song, “I Could Have Lied” with a slightly metal flair.

I honestly was really happy to film this. Considering their age and having just recently started the band, this song is actually really well performed, and over spring break I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Well, today I present to you another live-action music video from STRIKE A POSE!!! Films, in association with Mania Box.

Taylor Hintz – Bass, Vocals

TJ Notarian- Drums

Joe Hall – Guitar, Vocals

mania box

Ok, so its not exactly a traditional music video, its more of just a band montage of them playing…ok in that tradition it’s not a montage either.

But in any case, this only took about an hour to edit, and it’s footage of my brother and his band, MANIA BOX, with their wacky song “MICROWAVE MAN.” I’ll put up the lyrics into this post at some point possibly.

Here’s the story: Over spring break I went with my girlfriend on a long drive to Florida. I told my brother we should film something together while I was down there, so we ended up making a couple of videos of his band. One will be a traditional music video, but two are like moving art pieces based around their playing. The first one is sorta simple- just pan/scan movements, but the second one, which will be up next week at the latest- is something I think you guys and girls out there will enjoy.

So here it is, the video premier of Taylor Hintz’s band from LEHIGH ACRES FLORIDA- MANIA BOX with their soon-to-be hit song, MICROWAVE MAN

So, one of my favorite hobbies back in the day before film took over my life completely was video gaming. Like every child of the 90’s I just wanted to break through Koopa Castle, save the princess, and raise a couple of pokemon.

When I grew up from gaming, only a few select series still stuck with me. Don’t get me wrong- gaming will always be a big part of my life, but at one point I considered making it a career. Thankfully, a C++ class proved I was NO MATCH for such a world.

One of those series aforementioned was DEVIL MAY CRY. A series where the first game revolutionized 3D action forever, the second game nearly sunk the franchise completely, and the third game was overwhelmed on the radar by some stupid game about an angry greek Vin Diesel and his pasty white skin, complete with fish-swords. Boo freakin’ hoo right?

Well, DEVIL MAY CRY has always been a HUGE inspiration to me- it’s one of the reasons the company is called STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Dante, the game’s lead character, revolutionized cool with his insane amount of badassness. It all just came down to what he would do before the bossfights: he would Strike a Pose!!! in preparation!

Well, I always wanted to make some sort of video, and given the game’s hardrock/metal background, it was obvious what genre of song I needed. However, I never found one who’s lyrics matched the themes of the game.

Then I borrowed a cd, Breaking Benjamin’s Phobia and I heard the song “Had Enough.” A song about defeating someone who’s caused you pain, about ending their selfishness and taking responsibility for someone who has wronged you or someone you care for.

It is in essence, practically a theme song for the game.

So here it is, now premiering at STRIKE A POSE!!! Films,

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Today marks a nice little watershed moment for STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Joe Belivitz in: CAR TROUBLE is the FIRST completely original film from STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Containing an all original “sound effects” score, an original storyline and plot that acts as a “prequel” to Curse of Bodangofish, and more of that classic SAP “ammunition based” scripting, CAR TROUBLE is a company favorite, and probably our best work yet.

So now I present to you, in flash player quality, JOE BELIVITZ IN: CAR TROUBLE starring Sam Anderson, Damien McCoy, Rob Ramirez, and Dylan Hintz. Directed by Dylan Hintz and filmed in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Please comment if you see any reason to! This will not be going up on Youtube.

poster demo

I just finished the opening scene for the movie I want to film on campus this semester. It’s a short action thriller called “Silver or Lead” and is about a Hitman who takes a bribe, a Bodyguard who takes orders, a mafioso who takes what he wants, and a corporate crime syndicate that gets taken down.

The opening scene is only three pages long, so hopefully it won’t run over five minutes and will remain entertaining. It contains about seven characters, including

the Hitman played by Scott Evans in THE INTERSECTION, returns to finish off

JIMMY FRATELLI- The unseen mob boss, played by John Doherty this time, from THE INTERSECTION, who owns a laboratory on the East Coast. He’s protected by suits

QUINT- (auditions open) a smart, crass bodyguard who will meet his end rather quickly, thanks to the loud mouth of his co worker

ROB- (auditions open) a boisterous wannabe mafia soldier, who misses the good Ole’ days when he could beat people to a pulp, not just pop them with a cap, such as how

VICTOR- (Rob Moroney) the outside guard who gets his face smashed into a brick wall, defining the action to this film, he also will be run through right before

BODY GUARD MACGUFFIN- (Chris Magelitz, Pending) the elite bodyguard of Jimmy Fratelli who appears to have no name, who is the only person seemingly able to catch Engel off guard.

In attempting to move females into my scripts, there will be a woman’s voice over for the walkie talkies that the guards communicate through. After this scene however, I’m moving into finally diversifying my characters, with a woman playing the main bad guy. However, that script is a little further off. I’m going to be showing off the paces for this one during the next club meeting.

Anyways, this is what I do instead of school work. Silly me, I guess.

I love my job though. This is actually going to be a really good film.