poster demo

I just finished the opening scene for the movie I want to film on campus this semester. It’s a short action thriller called “Silver or Lead” and is about a Hitman who takes a bribe, a Bodyguard who takes orders, a mafioso who takes what he wants, and a corporate crime syndicate that gets taken down.

The opening scene is only three pages long, so hopefully it won’t run over five minutes and will remain entertaining. It contains about seven characters, including

the Hitman played by Scott Evans in THE INTERSECTION, returns to finish off

JIMMY FRATELLI- The unseen mob boss, played by John Doherty this time, from THE INTERSECTION, who owns a laboratory on the East Coast. He’s protected by suits

QUINT- (auditions open) a smart, crass bodyguard who will meet his end rather quickly, thanks to the loud mouth of his co worker

ROB- (auditions open) a boisterous wannabe mafia soldier, who misses the good Ole’ days when he could beat people to a pulp, not just pop them with a cap, such as how

VICTOR- (Rob Moroney) the outside guard who gets his face smashed into a brick wall, defining the action to this film, he also will be run through right before

BODY GUARD MACGUFFIN- (Chris Magelitz, Pending) the elite bodyguard of Jimmy Fratelli who appears to have no name, who is the only person seemingly able to catch Engel off guard.

In attempting to move females into my scripts, there will be a woman’s voice over for the walkie talkies that the guards communicate through. After this scene however, I’m moving into finally diversifying my characters, with a woman playing the main bad guy. However, that script is a little further off. I’m going to be showing off the paces for this one during the next club meeting.

Anyways, this is what I do instead of school work. Silly me, I guess.

I love my job though. This is actually going to be a really good film.