Today marks a nice little watershed moment for STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Joe Belivitz in: CAR TROUBLE is the FIRST completely original film from STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Containing an all original “sound effects” score, an original storyline and plot that acts as a “prequel” to Curse of Bodangofish, and more of that classic SAP “ammunition based” scripting, CAR TROUBLE is a company favorite, and probably our best work yet.

So now I present to you, in flash player quality, JOE BELIVITZ IN: CAR TROUBLE starring Sam Anderson, Damien McCoy, Rob Ramirez, and Dylan Hintz. Directed by Dylan Hintz and filmed in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Please comment if you see any reason to! This will not be going up on Youtube.

  • Hahaha! Dude, I was totally expecting this to be “meh”, but I must say I enjoyed that probably more then I should have. Pretty funny and great ending. Good mix of creepy and funny going on. Good job!

  • I enjoyed doing this with you, bro. This is technically the first film I’ve been in thats been published on the net. I look forward to doing more with you!


    best line ever come up with in a movie…

  • very nice…………….super awesome yet weird…………no i kidding it was pretty good