Devil May Cry Music Video

So, one of my favorite hobbies back in the day before film took over my life completely was video gaming. Like every child of the 90’s I just wanted to break through Koopa Castle, save the princess, and raise a couple of pokemon.

When I grew up from gaming, only a few select series still stuck with me. Don’t get me wrong- gaming will always be a big part of my life, but at one point I considered making it a career. Thankfully, a C++ class proved I was NO MATCH for such a world.

One of those series aforementioned was DEVIL MAY CRY. A series where the first game revolutionized 3D action forever, the second game nearly sunk the franchise completely, and the third game was overwhelmed on the radar by some stupid game about an angry greek Vin Diesel and his pasty white skin, complete with fish-swords. Boo freakin’ hoo right?

Well, DEVIL MAY CRY has always been a HUGE inspiration to me- it’s one of the reasons the company is called STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Dante, the game’s lead character, revolutionized cool with his insane amount of badassness. It all just came down to what he would do before the bossfights: he would Strike a Pose!!! in preparation!

Well, I always wanted to make some sort of video, and given the game’s hardrock/metal background, it was obvious what genre of song I needed. However, I never found one who’s lyrics matched the themes of the game.

Then I borrowed a cd, Breaking Benjamin’s Phobia and I heard the song “Had Enough.” A song about defeating someone who’s caused you pain, about ending their selfishness and taking responsibility for someone who has wronged you or someone you care for.

It is in essence, practically a theme song for the game.

So here it is, now premiering at STRIKE A POSE!!! Films,

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