MUSIC VIDEO: Microwave Man

mania box

Ok, so its not exactly a traditional music video, its more of just a band montage of them playing…ok in that tradition it’s not a montage either.

But in any case, this only took about an hour to edit, and it’s footage of my brother and his band, MANIA BOX, with their wacky song “MICROWAVE MAN.” I’ll put up the lyrics into this post at some point possibly.

Here’s the story: Over spring break I went with my girlfriend on a long drive to Florida. I told my brother we should film something together while I was down there, so we ended up making a couple of videos of his band. One will be a traditional music video, but two are like moving art pieces based around their playing. The first one is sorta simple- just pan/scan movements, but the second one, which will be up next week at the latest- is something I think you guys and girls out there will enjoy.

So here it is, the video premier of Taylor Hintz’s band from LEHIGH ACRES FLORIDA- MANIA BOX with their soon-to-be hit song, MICROWAVE MAN