Funny Vid, and recent news.

This isn’t one of our vids, but I found it on MEGA 64 and figured it’d be fun to put up on the site. It has some nifty editing tricks, and over all is a pretty damned funny cross reference between a really old movie and a movie that has gotten really really old.

We’ve put up three of our own videos in the last two weeks though, and everyone out there in net land should still check them out! If you need direction, simply go to the Categories and click STRIKE A POSE!!! FILMS. That’ll take you to a blog link of all posts about the films we’ve done, and you can just check them out there through individual posts.

Well, Happy Easter everyone. I suppose a Matrix reference is somewhat appropriate, seeing how Neo died on a cross for all our robot sins and destroyed Hugo Weaving for…well whatever purpose. It’s not really important. 0101100101011101 Waaah?