Introducing the most EXTREME thing ever put on the internet! BRYAN BABCOCK’S LIFE STORY!

This video was made as a documentary short project for Professor Don Elkins during the Fall 08 Semester at Salisbury University in which I took News Production. The documentary focuses on Bryan’s pre-birth-near-death experiences, his fascination with fancy cheeses, his amazing stories of shark fighting, Babstock- an entire festival dedicated to himself, his love for Bear Grills and his mother. Bryan is certainly more EXTREME than you, and you should feel privileged to even be VIEWING this video.

Bryan Babcock is so EXTREME that Chuck Norris weeps in shame whenever he hears his name, for he is not as EXTREME.

It was a last minute, fun-filled experience.

Video is somewhere around 9 and a half minutes, and stars myself and Bryan. That’s basically all you need to know, aside from how freakin’ EXTREME it is!

By the way- Happy Birthday, dude. You’re the best production partner in the world! We kicked that classes’ ASS!

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