Happy Birthday, Trevor!

Trevor Hintz, my younger brother, and actor in the early years of Strike a Pose!!! Films, turns 15 today. Its truly a day worth celebrating, and in doing so we’re gonna post a couple of old flicks, just to remind us of how awesome his acting was! And could still be! Just look at these chops!

Trevor Hintz in: Ascension

Trevor Hintz in: Ascension

Trevor Hintz was one of the first actors to play a “bringer of death”, thankfully coming in and ending a movie that we had no idea how to conclude! And how?



Trevor at the end of Third Path

Trevor at the end of Third Path

But was that enough for Trevor’s character, Hunter? No it wasn’t! He came back, WITH AVENGENCE in…


Trevor, as Hunter, would face off against Orion’s unnamed Sith Lord character. What a trooper!


The third film is still yet to be filmed, but may be done soon! Who knows? Depends on what the tyke asks for for his birthday!

But as for today, we salute Trevor’s efforts in Strike a Pose!!! Films, he’s been a big help and a big supporter, and we hope to have him in more movies! Happy Birthday bro!