Johnny B. Homeless Has Arrived!

Our friends over at Valdean Entertainment are proud to announce the premiere of their gut-busting comedy webseries, Johnny B. Homeless. And we at Strike a Pose!!! Films are here to support them! I know this show is going to keep me glued to my laptop for each hilarious episode!

Click here to see the first four episodes of the show!

Meet Johnny B, friend to many, buddy to most, and the coolest couch surfer in Los Angeles. A new day, a new couch, a new adventure, and a new party, so get ready for some seriously good times. Starring Al Thompson and featuring (in episodes 4 and 5) SNL’s Kenan Thompson.

I was fortunate to work with creator Al Thompson, director Brian Rolling, and costar Kevin Christy on their top-secret Ocean City Project a couple of months ago, but before I signed up to help them they showed me a snippet from this series. Boy- did it sell me! I immediately shook hands and sealed deals to work with these guys, and it was one of the best experiences of my life! So help support this and future webseries from Valdean Entertainment, give it a view and a thumbs up too!

Congrats on the release guys! You may have inspired Strike a Pose!!! Films to try the webseries gauntlet…more announcements on that to come later…