Now Showing: Line of Sight

Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present to you, Line of Sight: A Peregrine Saga Tale.


Here are some behind the scenes insights, sorta a reflection if you will:

Nearly three years ago, I ordered a new camera off BHPhotovideo, my dependable and incredibly versatile PVGS500. Needing to test out its capabilities my friends Sam Anderson, Robert Ramirez, Robert Novich, and Damien McCoy set out to make a couple of movies. We came up with some quick scripts, one of which was the almost entirely improvised Clarity, and the other was LINE OF SIGHT, a prototype chapter in the epic Peregrine Saga that STRIKE A POSE!!! Films has planned for a future independent feature release. The first demo of which was the third movie I ever made, Locked Blades (parts 1 and 2), also starring Robert Ramirez.

Line of Sight is a culmination of many genres, and in that sense sort of hits a “kitchen sink” niche, a-la Japanese action movies, American Westerns, kung fu flicks, and to an extent the post-apocalyptic sci fi fantasy genre. I’d say my biggest influences are Sergio Leone, Ryuhei Kitamura, Akira Kurosawa, John Ford, Gordon Liu, and Luc Besson.

Regardless of what genre the series fits into, The Peregrine Saga contains the themes of morality tales and finding a place in a world where many must start from scratch to succeed. In this sense, it’s almost a post-post-apocalyptic tale, wherein the world has started over, and its people have forgotten its past.

A lot of other firsts happened with this movie. We found a brand new beautiful location in Montgomery County to shoot. Robert Novich had his first starring role, while Sam Anderson had his first supporting after a long track of the vice-versa. Robert Ramirez performed his first choreography for the group, and in the three years since has sharpened his skills studying Kung Fu and Tai Chi with Self Mastery Systems.

What the shoot culminated in was something the complete opposite of Clarity- a sparsely dialogued action pursuit film with three short choreographed fights and a fantasy-styled intro prologue. For the most part, we think it worked.
In any case, here it is, after three long years, premiering on the internet for the first time for the whole world to potentially see. We hope you enjoy it, and thank you for supporting the actors and crew. They took a lot of hits to the head to provide you with these 8 and a half minutes of entertainment.


Dylan Hintz
Director- Strike a Pose!!! Films