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Line of Sight Trailer

It’s finally here! The trailer for the upcoming Strike a Pose!!! Films production, Line of Sight, starring Bob Novich, Robert Ramirez, and Sam Anderson. Written and Directed by Dylan Hintz. The music was composed originally for the film by Brett McCoy. Action movie marks the first choreographed fights for Strike a Pose!!! Films

Please be sure to help promote our film maker’s hard work by posting the Youtube video on your own Facebook or account! The stars truly appreciate it!

A few hundred years past our time…

Stray is a ruthless cage fighter, exiled from his hometown of Canine, the militaristic training grounds of The Peregrine Saga. In a rage, Stray ruthlessly beat his opponent to a bloody, near dead pulp during a major match. Problem was, this time his rival was the Boss’s son, so Stray was given a choice: get lynched by the locals or get the hell out of dodge. Given a gun with a single shot and told never to return, Stray makes a run for it into the scenic “wastelands” of the forgotten world.

The time has come. Thank you for your patience!

Along the road he encounters a monk, crossing his path at a slow but steady pace. Doing their best not to agitate each other, the two initially pay the other little mind. However, the Boss from Canine town has placed a bounty on Stray’s head, going against his own promises, and has sent the former Caliber town survivor, the gunman Flintlock, to collect.

It is here, when the two warriors from different sides of the Appalachian Range find themselves stuck in a duel to the death, both of them trapped in a mad bounty hunter’s Line of Sight.

Sam is scared because he thinks L.O.S will never come out!

Due to upcoming scheduling conflicts, the premiere for the next film on our release schedule, Line of Sight, will be pushed back by one week. This will allow for more time to finish the upcoming trailer and advertise, so that the hard work put forth by the actors can be appropriately announced.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but Strike a Pose!!! Films has been incredibly busy training new members and conducting a huge documentary project. In the meantime, if you would still like to check out some Line of Sight goodness, please view its pictures in the gallery or talk about it in the discussion forums.

The Funny Oscar Vids

Rather than rant and rave about my feelings on the Oscars (if you’re my friend on Facebook you can look up my statuses) I’ll just post some of the funnier moments I saw, you know the actual entertainment portions…the funny clips.

And I don’t mean Barbara Streissand’s obnoxious introduction the Kathyrn Bigelow’s victory. While it was decently deserved, we didn’t need a precursor announcement, Barb.

Anyways, here we go.

Best Crack at Avatar Ever:

Be sure to look at James Cameron’s face. I think he’s coming to realize that makeup might have been a better choice than CG…or not.

Paranormal Activity doesn’t even describe the goings-ons between these two.

This is what happens when indy horror movies are taken over by big budget stars– they just can’t take the material seriously.

This won’t top last years, but just in case anyone wanted to see it, here’s the intro.

But I still prefer this:

Better quality here:

In the end, this year’s Oscars was only so so, but hell, I’d pay money to see Ben Stiller as a Na’Vi in the sequel. Get in touch with your agent, dude. Cameron- get in touch with your casting director.

O.K.!!! So we’ve got some new updates when it comes to our ever-increasing movies section. Two new documentary styled films are ready for viewing. Technically, they’ve been on our Films Page for a long time, but since I haven’t taken the time to update I don’t suppose you would have known that.

First up we have a short documentary, TRUE WARRIORS, about the Salisbury University Haidong-Gumdo club. Wiki the art, if you don’t know what it is, but Haidong Gumdo is essenatially THE battlefield sword art of Korea. And it kicks ASS. Click the following picture for YOUTUBE.

This second video was actually on Youtube before, the classic battle called “Knights of Salisbury”, starring myself and Lord Brenno of the SCA.

Check out the ultimate combat here!

Finally, we have some REALLY amazing news! CLARITY, the first dramatic mystery-thriller from Strike a Pose!!! Films, is finally coming to the internet! You all might remember this little trailer:

The flick has been patiently awaiting an editing process in our MiniDV vault (and multiple harddrives) but will finally be shown in full quality (the fullest possible) on STRIKE A POSE!!! Films on the weekend of FEBRUARY 14th. That’s right. Get some lovin’ ready. CLARITY will be premiering the weekend of Valentine’s Day!

Line of Sight will also be getting a release around Easter. Once these three films are up we might actually start a store system for you to order DvDs with the special features, trailers, and commentaries included. It’s tentative, but its possible!

We hope you enjoy Strike a Pose!!! Films, and will continue to watch our vids, read our essays, and check in with us often! Be sure to keep up with movie news and site news with our new Twitter account, too!

UPDATES Jan 11 2010

New posts are coming soon, ladies and gents!

As the new year rolls in, so will new flicks, reviews, essays, writers, and applications!

Coming to Strike a Pose!!! Films in early 2010 will be two long-in-development shorts


Filmed in the Summer of 2007, these movies have sorta been in editing hell for almost three years. Both films have since been completed but never officially posted to the site. Line of Sight was actually a 3rd place runner-up in the Future Film Makers Film Festival in 2009, but now its time to put it up for everyone to see! More details to come!

TRUE WARRIORS: Collegiate Swordsmen, will soon be premiering on SAP, as part of a 4 part feature-length documentary tentatively titled “Martial Paths“, featuring Kung Fu and Tai Chi from Self Mastery Systems, the Unofficial Salisbury Biography of Fernando Guerrero, AKA “Spirit of Salisbury”, and Knights of the Eastern Shore, a short one-day doc of SCA members in Maryland.

Hopefully I’ll also be able to finally get my docs and news packages posted, among which are CHEERS OR JEERS, THE RETURN OF SUTV, and WHERE DOES THE @#% GO? A short doc about the water cleaning system in Ocean City, MD.

There are a few others I’d like to get up here, but all in due time.


We’ve got Taxi Driver, we’ve got JAWS, we’ve got westerns and thrillers and film theories, oh my! SAP will be brimming with Essay content in the next few months, so be sure to check it out! And if you’d like to start submitting essays, please let us know!


Strike A Pose!!! Films has just created its first twitter account, aptly named StrikeAPoseFilm, so that you can follow our every move! You may have noticed our new LINKS page/section, which is intended to help us post as much new info as possible, collected stories from other websites such as favorites Dark Horizons and John August, as well as Indy Mogul and Rotten Tomatoes. It will also help you guys keep up with our newest posts and filming, as well as our Youtube Account.


I made an entire presentation about ALIEN through podcasting, and totally got an A+ in class for it. More like that, each around 11 minutes, to come soon! Special guests are welcome, so please apply in the comments below! GIVE US SUGGESTIONS!!!


Coming in April! Be sure to check here for more updates!


We’ll have some pictures and whatnot up in the galleries. Keep checking our forums! Check the links and the twitter! Our fanbase is growing but we need your comments to help us out!