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NOW SHOWING: A Growing Problem

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Filmed two years ago for Directing Actors for Film at Salisbury University, this film adaptation of Jeanette D. Farr’s short play, “A Growing Problem” introduces actors Khalfani Blount and Jennifer Ruggeri to the Strike a Pose!!! Films cast list.

Helen is a widow, and Frank is a widower. They’ve started a relationship with the hope that it will bring them both peace and companionship in their golden years. Their love has been growing for some time now, but so has one of Helen’s plants…and this may present some problems for their budding relationship. The thing is, Frank is a retired cop, and Helen’s plant may be slightly illegal.

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What an amazing night, going with friend and colleague Rob M to see the Rescue Me Comedy Tour 2. Some great stuff happened!

We saw Denis Leary, Lenny Clark, Adam Ferarra and two awesome lesser-known comedians, Tony V and Kenny Rogerson perform. Look out for those last two– they were amazing!

But that wasn’t even the best part of the night. Rob and myself had a wild adventure. Coming down from the high of our last outing, having met Christopher Titus in person, I was excited to get perhaps another signature on my SAP logo sheet, this time from Denis “Asshole” Leary. Ya know, Tommy Gavin? Well it wasn’t happening.

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Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Today is Ryan, our website dude’s 20 somethingeth birthday.

I’d like everyone out there to give him their best wishes! How can you do so? Visit his AWESOME gaming/electronic music site, and leave him a comment somewhere! Show some love, because without this guy, we wouldn’t have Strike a Pose!!! Films.

This is a group picture, as to protect Ryan’s identity. Can you guess who he is? Hmmmm…

Ryan, you’re a great friend, and without your insufferably positive support, I would have given up on this a long time ago. Thanks for giving me a website and a lot of knowledge to play with!


Dylan and the cast and crew of Strike a Pose!!! Films
PS- Be sure to check out Ryan’s latest awesome addition to our site, our films by alphabetical order.


It’s been a while since we’ve had an official release but today we celebrate two occassions– star Phil Krocheski’s belated birthday, and my college graduation–

with a special video treat:

The FINAL CUT of one of our most beloved shorts:


With NEW special effects (John Ianuzzi of System Shock 2 fame), titles and music!

All music provided by artists on


Thomas England (Man of Action) stars as Jasper Conroy, a hard drinkin’ red-blooded American Man. He’s also a gun for hire in Salisbury, Maryland AKA the place where there’s nothing to do except hunt down hardened criminals and blow holes in the neighbor’s front porch.

In this story, Jasper is hired to take down a robot assassin (Phil Krocheski- The Intersection/Gullman) who has been wiping out drug dealers in the greater Salisbury area. Can he stop the mechanical menace from ruining his boss’s  (John Dougherty) drug ring? Will he be able to save his pal Tony (James Howe- Spy Boxing)from a former CIA agent turned Cybernetic sociopath?  Can Jasper prevent those pictures of himself and that Tijuana donkey from getting out to the internet?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in the final, EXPLOSIVE cut of Jasper Conroy: Salisbury Bounty Hunter.

And be sure to wish Philip Krocheski a very happy birthday! Without his costume we wouldn’t have had two of our coolest flicks, and our first in-house spin off!

Today is Mother’s Day and in celebration of my mom, I put forth the effort and made a little video to congratulate her on a recent victory over morning radio:

Thanks Mix 107.3 for making this possible, and

Thank you Mom, for giving me everything– life, love, and lots of support towards making cool little things like this for you! Happy Mother’s Day!