The Intersection

The first major project by STRIKE A POSE!!! Film Club @ SU in Salisbury, a race between two operatives to retrieve a secret brief case from a local mafioso unfolds into a gunfight that will decide the fate of…well, that has yet to be revealed! Starring Scott Evans as The Hitman, with Phil Krocheski and James Howe returning as their characters from the comedy hit, Spy Boxing, this project became a tradition in the STRIKE A POSE!!! Club- the end of semester Improv-Off.

Directed by Dylan Hintz. Starring Scott Evans, Philip Krocheski, James Howe, and Matt Horst. 11 Minutes. 2007


Original Posting with two versions:

  • “Industrial Adrenaline” was first piece ever, and still, it rocks to this day. Haha! Glad to have used it in this film. =)

  • sui_generis

    The music and effects were just great in this whole thing. I felt so pumped while watching this. It gave a very engaging feel. =) Very nice choice of music and special effects. Love the guys who played the characters.