Line of Sight Trailer

It’s finally here! The trailer for the upcoming Strike a Pose!!! Films production, Line of Sight, starring Bob Novich, Robert Ramirez, and Sam Anderson. Written and Directed by Dylan Hintz. The music was composed originally for the film by Brett McCoy. Action movie marks the first choreographed fights for Strike a Pose!!! Films

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A few hundred years past our time…

Stray is a ruthless cage fighter, exiled from his hometown of Canine, the militaristic training grounds of The Peregrine Saga. In a rage, Stray ruthlessly beat his opponent to a bloody, near dead pulp during a major match. Problem was, this time his rival was the Boss’s son, so Stray was given a choice: get lynched by the locals or get the hell out of dodge. Given a gun with a single shot and told never to return, Stray makes a run for it into the scenic “wastelands” of the forgotten world.

The time has come. Thank you for your patience!

Along the road he encounters a monk, crossing his path at a slow but steady pace. Doing their best not to agitate each other, the two initially pay the other little mind. However, the Boss from Canine town has placed a bounty on Stray’s head, going against his own promises, and has sent the former Caliber town survivor, the gunman Flintlock, to collect.

It is here, when the two warriors from different sides of the Appalachian Range find themselves stuck in a duel to the death, both of them trapped in a mad bounty hunter’s Line of Sight.