Preview: Predators Trailer

PREDATORS, the “reboot/sequel/remake” put together by legendary do-it-hisself director Robert Rodriguez, is coming out in a couple of months, and the first trailer showing off the goods has finally be released! So here it is, for your viewing pleasure, those who might not have caught word of it yet!

PREDATORS stars a surprisingly well rounded class, including OSCAR WINNER Adrien Brody, Laurence “Morpheus/Othello” Fishburne, Topher “70s Show” Grace, and even the mythical mexican man-slaughterer, DANNY FREAKING TREJO. Others including a hot chick and a Japanese gangster are included in this blood pack of the planet’s most ruthless killers, snatched away to the Predator home world for some personal safari time.

What gets me most about this trailer is the FANTASTIC cinematography. I wouldn’t normally put Nimrod Anatel up there with the most aesthetically pleasing directors ever, but when it comes to what I was expecting…ya know, flat realistic coloring and boring camera motions? Well, from this trailer I was BLOWN AWAY. The dynamic angles and killer closeups really come together to give you a sense of tension and drama, which will hopefully purvey the majority of the final film.

What also gets me is the sheer diversity of the characters. Hopefully the movie won’t sink because of this, but they all seem rather interesting. Far more exciting than the band of Ice-Climber maroons from AVP (fuck you Paul W.S Anderson, fuck you kindly) or the hill-billy caricatures of AVPR, we’re finally getting a group we might love (or love to hate) along the lines of the first two Predator films. Or, dare I say it? Aliens.

Here’s the plot from Wiki:

The film follows a mercenary named Royce who is abducted by alien creatures known as the Predators. He is released onto an alien planet—which acts as a game reserve—along with seven other humans, who with the exception of a disgraced physician, are all cold-blooded killers consisting of mercenaries and convicts. Royce reluctantly leads the group of elite warriors as they come to realize they have been brought together to this planet as prey for a new breed of Predator.[4] While battling to survive against these creatures, they come across an American soldier known as Noland who was brought to the planet years ago as game, but has managed to survive by hiding from the Predators in a cave. Noland reveals that the Predators have been hunting humans by dropping them on this planet for many years. [5]

I think that’s pretty spot on, and ORIGINAL considering the material. And while it may fall into the Sci-Fi Original Spinoff movie formula, let us remember what two franchises created that formula. Yeah. Think about it. For just a minute. Oh, you aint got time to think? Well maybe you got time to bleed! I know if I could bleed in anticipation for PREDATORS, I’d be filling up buckets by now!

PREDATORS releases July 9th 2010