Featuring the greatest collegiate swordsmen of Salisbury University, TRUE WARRIORS is the first documentary in a series on Martial Arts officially announced and uploaded by Dylan Hintz and STRIKE A POSE!!! Films.

In Salisbury, Maryland, many martial arts are practiced. Boxing, MMA, Taekwando, Okinawan Karate, Juijutsu, Kempo, and finally HAIDONG GUMDO, the art of Korean Battlefield Sword. Taught primarily through the officially registered student-run club at Salisbury University, this art is a little more esoteric because of its striking  black uniform and curved wooden sword, leading many non-practitioners on campus to look on with  intrigued, if not confused stares.

But Haidong Gumdo is a robust art, with many beautiful and deadly forms, intense stance work, and passionately performed cutting drills. Club President and Instructor Derek Graham explains the art in greater historical detail, while footage from International Culture fairs, classroom workouts, and late night sparring duels illustrates not only the respect the students have gained for this lesser-known art form, but also the respect they have gained for each other as friends, comrades, and colleagues. It is in this spirit that they have all become TRUE WARRIORS!

Created for both the club’s own posterity, as well as Dr. Frances Kendall’s Documentary Production class at SU, this is Dylan Hintz’s first step in a long journey towards documenting every martial art he encounters via the video production skills he gained at college.

Directed by: Dylan Hintz

Starring: Derek Graham, Dan Harrington, Josh Smutney, Thomas England, Johnny Pantazis, Matt Del Grosso, Matt Dennison,     Jimmy Gallo, Donovan Maisel, and the rest of the Salisbury University Haidong Gumdo Organization!

Running Time: 12:07

Filmed on Location at Salisbury University, Salisbury MD, 2009.

Additional music by Brett McCoy USED WITH PERMISSION.