O.K.!!! So we’ve got some new updates when it comes to our ever-increasing movies section. Two new documentary styled films are ready for viewing. Technically, they’ve been on our Films Page for a long time, but since I haven’t taken the time to update I don’t suppose you would have known that.

First up we have a short documentary, TRUE WARRIORS, about the Salisbury University Haidong-Gumdo club. Wiki the art, if you don’t know what it is, but Haidong Gumdo is essenatially THE battlefield sword art of Korea. And it kicks ASS. Click the following picture for YOUTUBE.

This second video was actually on Youtube before, the classic battle called “Knights of Salisbury”, starring myself and Lord Brenno of the SCA.

Check out the ultimate combat here!

Finally, we have some REALLY amazing news! CLARITY, the first dramatic mystery-thriller from Strike a Pose!!! Films, is finally coming to the internet! You all might remember this little trailer:

The flick has been patiently awaiting an editing process in our MiniDV vault (and multiple harddrives) but will finally be shown in full quality (the fullest possible) on STRIKE A POSE!!! Films on the weekend of FEBRUARY 14th. That’s right. Get some lovin’ ready. CLARITY will be premiering the weekend of Valentine’s Day!

Line of Sight will also be getting a release around Easter. Once these three films are up we might actually start a store system for you to order DvDs with the special features, trailers, and commentaries included. It’s tentative, but its possible!

We hope you enjoy Strike a Pose!!! Films, and will continue to watch our vids, read our essays, and check in with us often! Be sure to keep up with movie news and site news with our new Twitter account, too!