MAX ACTION reporting in for duty! This is bigger than BLACK OPS! All next week I’m gonna be recruiting troops to join me at N-Code November at Club Orpheus to SAVE THE UNIVERSE from EVIL! Here’s my video:

Join us for a night of gaming, drinking, dancing and dames (or dudes!), cause N-CODE IS WHERE THE ACTION’S AT!

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Today is a special day- it celebrates the day of birth of one of the acting GODS of STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. Well, more like acting Ghost. DJ GH057 that is. As per the trend these days, as a birthday present, we’re announcing Damien’s own Cast and Crew Page, but also a special event: below we will be premiering a long overdue short video. For now, let’s celebrate G4057’s career, VH1 style!

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STRIKE BACK! October 2010

October was a pretty awesome month for STRIKE A POSE!!! Films– not quite reaching the noteriety of September, but it sure as hell did pull some rabbits out of some hats by the end of the month!

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November second has rolled around again and that means it’s a very important day. A day where we decide, a day where we choose. And a day where we decide to choose to ignore that decision to choose!

But what do WE do on November 2nd, at leat in SAP territory? We celebrate one of the best friends and actors this group and myself have ever had. James-freaking-Howe. That’s what we do!

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We’ll be celebrating Halloween the best way STRIKE A POSE!!! Films knows how- with a brand new video featuring Max Action and an apocalyptic horde of zombies!

Filmed in Downtown Silver Spring during the 2010 Zombie Walk up Georgia Avenue! Be sure to let us know if you see yourself in the video! We still have at least 2 more parts to come!

Due to Zombie Invasion, the Strike Back for this month will be moved to tomorrow.