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SCENE: Lakeforest Mall, Gaithersburg MD.

A little over three weeks ago I participated in a final round audition for a modeling contest hosted by the American Mall Model Search. The grand prize was a one year contract with Model Productions, a company that’s been around for over 25 years and has produced loads of successful actors and models.

The contest required the completion of three tasks:

A photo shoot

Photo touch ups courtesy of Elizabeth Harvey, who we’ll have a post about next time!

A runway walk featuring personalized clothing

And a talent performance (for me, acting!)

I was nervous as hell, but I knew because of my history with Future Film Makers, Six Flags, Al Thompson’s project, the various indies I’ve been working on and the undying support of my family and friends, I would at least have a shot. Good thing all the training I’ve been doing with Self Mastery Systems at least let me feel like my body belonged there…

Special thanks also go out to a mentor of mine, Kevin Christy, who sent me this email regarding how I should approach the monologue contest:

in a situation like this, don’t over do it. people make the mistake of trying to showcase every talent they have as opposed to just acting what’s appropriate to the piece. there are a a million monologues out there, it doesn’t matter so much which one you do. it matters how comfortably you execute it […] try to enjoy yourself, performing when its done correctly is extremely fun. don’t worry about it . the life of a performer is filled with performances, there is no “most important” one. they are all the same.

Truer words of wisdom are very rarely spoken!

Then I saw all these beautiful young women dancing and singing, and videos of chiseled Adonises up on the monitor, I got pretty nervous pretty quick. My talents only extend as far as my pronunciation and occasional comedic timing (which usually involves flailing my arms around like a madman), hence me not usually starring in the Strike a Pose!!! Films you see on this site.

But when it came down to it, I worked my butt off and with help from my girlfriend, who had complete and unyielding faith in me (I know, I’d say she’s pretty crazy too!), I managed to win over the audiences with my performances, and get marks high enough from the incredibly supportive judges, sending me up into the heavens towards stardom!

Well, at least let’s hope so!

Once again, thank you to all my family and friends who helped out, I couldn’t have done this without you!

As of yesterday I was officially wrapped for the Ocean City Webseries shoot with Valdean on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It was a wild 10-12 days (see- I can’t even keep track of the time!) but it was good solid, professional production work. I met a lot of really cool people who are already pros in the industry, and got to work hard with some of my colleagues from SU!

A longer blog post will be coming up soon, but for now, here’s a picture of myself, Travis Carr, Daniel Ulf, Matt Solomon, and the great Al Thompson on set for the untitled webseries we shot, from the creators of Johnny B. Homeless!

What an awesome time!

Now that we’ve released a couple of really cool flicks, Strike a Pose!!! Films is getting more traffic than ever! Please keep up the fan support by posting a link to one of your favorite movies on Facebook! We already provided the button to do so for you!

On the other side of the plate, here’s a couple of quick personal updates about my life in the field:

Personal Work:
I’ve been putting a bit of effort into filming this little documentary for my martial arts school, Self Mastery Systems. Already over 10 hours of footage have been filmed and logged, including interviews, training, and various conversations. The project is super exciting and hopefully will come to fruition by the end of Summer 2010!

I’ve also been interning at the awesome Foreign Language video company, Peanutbutter. I’ve been working with another local filmmaker from Towson, who’s great music videos you can check out here. As for myself, I’ve been learning a lot of green screening and animation. Here’s a couple of video links to let you see some of the demo work  the company has done:

Video Temporarily Down

Finally, this month’s slated film is going to be the FINAL version of Jasper Conroy: Salisbury Bounty Hunter, with fully-featured FX, thanks to John Ianuzzi (System Shock 2 SFX) and new music. Be sure to see the final cut here sometime by the end of this month!

Hopefully we have a couple of new scripts coming our way thanks to the uber-talented Tom Murphy. You can see some of his work on Youtube here. We’re looking to cast some new talent in these new projects, and speaking of which…

Contacts and Adventures:
So let’s say I’ve been scouting. A lot. Lot’s of new talent has been added to our contacts list, and if you’re reading this chances are you’re one of them. The game show I was on, Silver Screen Test, has provided me with a lot of great contacts in Montgomery Public Television, not to mention the other really cool two contestants I met (and matched considerable wits with!).

Also scouted some locations. I ended up wandering around in DC, trying to get home one night after an awesome performance witnessed by myself and Rob Moroney. The performer? Christopher Titus, a personal hero of mine, supplying not only his new standup, NEVERLUTION, but also his now-classic Love is Evol. It was tubular. I got in trouble with him cause I was in the first row and started speaking lines from the show before he could…oops. Here’s an embarrassing picture!

He must be terrfied of me and my Cesar Romero like grin...

It was a great meeting and Titus was a cool dude. Hopefully someday we can get cast in one of our flicks. Who knows?!?! (/shameless shoutout).

I have also been INCREDIBLY fortunate to get on board a project for ValDean entertainment, the brilliant minds between Johnny B. Homeless and Lennox Ave., starring Al Thompson. Here’s a link about these conquistadors of the internet medium! They’re shooting a new series in Ocean City in late April, and I’ll be down there to help out as an “Assistant Producer”. Excitement, hooooo!

Here’s a trailer for Johnny B.:

Finally, here’s a list of movies I’ve recently watched, and some quick words:


Book of Eli— Excellent Post Apocalyptic Sci Fi actioneer with an ANTI ORGANIZED STUPIDITY story. Definitely check it out. Thoughts?

Shutter Island— Best thriller I’ve seen in ages. Even though you know the ending that is coming, it still wallops you with its dramatic reveal and realization that maybe, sometimes the truth is so bad you don’t want to know it after all.

How to Train Your Dragon (3D)— A charming kids movie that ends like Final Fantasy: Advent Children. Do NOT waste money on seeing this in 3D. This is purely a great 2D spectacle with a few charming moments and video game like ending.


Frost/Nixon— I kinda put this one aside during last years Oscar’s, and I really wish the Academy hadn’t. This is the kind of movie that would have gone up well against The Hurt Locker this year.

SO much going on! It’s hard to keep up with it all. If there is anything you think I missed, lemme know, and I’ll put it  up in the next post!

Dear Fans of Strike a Pose!!! Films,

I have an announcement to make. Well it’s really an announcement about an announcement, but regardless it is HUGE.

Thanks to the loyal viewership of this site, Clarity has received more views than almost any film on this site, and in record time! Because of this incredible progress it is with great pleasure and admiration to you, the fans, that I announce we will begin a 6 month long release schedule of new film content starting in March and lasting EVERY MONTH until we run out of old work and have to start making new stuff!

Rob seems pretty thrilled with the release of Line of Sight!

This will include the Summer of 07 Sister Project to Clarity, LINE OF SIGHT, two tales from Max Action’s living room: The Worst Stories Ever Told, and even one very large and magical production I’m sure none of you ever expected to see on the net. We’ll keep that one quiet for now, but expect to see new teasers and trailers in the next two months!

Sam REALLY wants to see Line of Sight on the site! OR ELSE

The release schedule will be finalized hopefully in just a couple of weeks, but I can tell you this little nugget for now: Line of Sight WILL premiere over the week of MARCH 21st 2010, to celebrate Spring, new beginnings, and co-star Robert Ramirez’s personal achievements at his martial arts school, Self Mastery Systems! A further update on the Line of Sight release, including trailer and Behind the Scenes teasers, will come out next week! Be sure to check it out!

Bob is truly surprised that we are finally releasing Line of Sight!

Also to note- there is possibly a string of updates involving the martial arts documentary I’ve been working on finally coming to fruition, with Project 100 Days going into action very soon. Visit the martial arts link I posted above to find out more.

Alright folks, that’s step one of the big news!

Thank you for your ongoing support of myself, these great performers, and amateur film making in the Montgomery County Area! Stay tuned for bigger news and always remember to STRIKE A POSE!!!

Sincerely, Your Humble Entertainer

Dylan Hintz

Trevor Hintz, my younger brother, and actor in the early years of Strike a Pose!!! Films, turns 15 today. Its truly a day worth celebrating, and in doing so we’re gonna post a couple of old flicks, just to remind us of how awesome his acting was! And could still be! Just look at these chops!

Trevor Hintz in: Ascension

Trevor Hintz in: Ascension

Trevor Hintz was one of the first actors to play a “bringer of death”, thankfully coming in and ending a movie that we had no idea how to conclude! And how?



Trevor at the end of Third Path

Trevor at the end of Third Path

But was that enough for Trevor’s character, Hunter? No it wasn’t! He came back, WITH AVENGENCE in…


Trevor, as Hunter, would face off against Orion’s unnamed Sith Lord character. What a trooper!


The third film is still yet to be filmed, but may be done soon! Who knows? Depends on what the tyke asks for for his birthday!

But as for today, we salute Trevor’s efforts in Strike a Pose!!! Films, he’s been a big help and a big supporter, and we hope to have him in more movies! Happy Birthday bro!