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A few weeks back I was contracted as a video mercenary for web development and technologies company 270net.

My point of contact, the one and only Ninjas Vs. star Daniel Lee Mascarello (who also stars in Bite the Hand), assigned me with the task of recording the 270net Employees in their assassination attempt upon the evil Office Printer.

After watching this video, honestly I don’t know who I feel more sorry for- the employees, or the printer!

270net print error fix destruction








This is the second video I’ve made with my new Canon T3i, the first being Constable Battleman, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

On one final note- I am now an official member of the 270net Staff! So if you want to see more videos like this, be sure to check out their Official 270net Facebook Page and make some hilarious office or IT/Tech video requests!

Our good friend Max Action has been on some crazy adventures before…but never as crazy as this. Strike a Pose!!! Films, in cahoots with Apsis Motion Pictures would like to present a new action-comedy web series starring Tyr Rollins. We present to you: THE BRIDGE

A lone warrior deals with an onslaught of menial obstructions on his mysterious and epic quest. The series is currently already up to episode 4, so be sure to share it with friends and spread the action!

Episode 3:Max was brought in as a guardian to police The Bridge, ensuring no one breaks it’s one rule: Once you’re on the Bridge, you aren’t allowed to leave until you can kick somebodies ass!

Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook and find series creator Joel Loukus on Vimeo.  More episodes of The Bridge will be coming soon to an internet near you!

Stolen from

(Cause I’m lazy and busy)

Tonight we have a very special treat for our growing fan-base of BITE THE HAND!

We have an official teaser for you all to view! We hope you enjoy. Please share with friends and fans of independent film in the DC area!

Now, as you have seen from the teaser, we have no reason not to announce the fantastically opportune casting of:


Jay’s audition brought a lot of different elements to the table. We’ll be sure to post some behind-the-scenes stuff in the near future, but for now check out the photos of him in character as RED and send him a high-five through the internet! Out of an extremely difficult casting process, we were very excited to receive the Ninjas Vs. Vampires star as one of our lead actors!

Special thanks also go to two more awesome additions to the crew: Jake Weeks as audio engineer and Joel Loukus of APSIS as VFX guru. Without these two guys, the teaser would not be anywhere near as awesome as it’s concept promised to be by rising DP Habib Awan. We hope you agree that it delivers!

Thank you all for your continued support! Be sure to keep up with us on the Facebook Pages! Also be sure to find and favorite the new Strike a Pose!!! Films Fan Page on Facebook and follow Bite the Hand on Twitter.

a Promotional Still from Jay’s Audition!

Coming soon from Rockstar Films is the martial arts action adventure “LEGACY OF DOG”, starring Ryan Brown, David Van Tassel, Nick McCourt and yours truly as Osiris Munich- uber-villain gangster guy!


The teaser has already been released, but to help promote the movie I’m gonna put up the FULL LENGTH TRAILER so you can see us all in action! Get ready- the chaos is coming, MAY 5th up at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD.


Guess I fell off the horse, seeing as how it’s been almost a month since our last post.

So I’ll make up for it with a brief musical interlude (NOW A NEW CATEGORY!) before we get to big business later next week.

Sometime last month (I can’t keep track of time anymore), I went to see a band called No Compromise perform at the Austin Grill in Downtown Silver Spring. I had heard of the band, having been in town to witness the filming of their new music video, Sugarcoated, but hadn’t really seen them play. So I figured when I went to see them I’d catch some of their rocking on video. I was pleasantly impressed with the results! No Co, as they like to call themselves, truly rock, even when going completely unplugged, as we get to see them in this recording of one of their newest tracks, “The Longest Drive” off their new album, Kaleidoscope.

No Compromise will be playing again tomorrow night (FRIDAY THE 10th) at  The Austin Grill in DTSS!

Thanks to Jack for permission to post the video of their music.

Note: While this isn’t a true music video, I edited it in a similar fashion to some of my old Mania Box videos that I did back in 200…7? Be sure to check those out for more crazy color/cut-in editing and me beating people to death while wearing a leather jacket and shoulder length hair in Florida! Gotta love the Sony Vegas built-in effects packages.

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