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Regardless of the lackluster reviews for Righteous Kill, it’s still cool to see Pacino and DeNiro together for some REAL screen time before one of them kicks the bucket.

For those of us with no interest in the Jon Avnet crime flick with overly-predictable twists and turns, let us now look at something truly valuable– an unscripted interview with the two gentlemen, detailing their careers. It’s pretty hefty stuff, and of course only a place like could bring you something like it.

My camera has served me so well in the year or so that I have had it. Using this wonderful piece of technology, I have shot Clarity, Line of Sight, A Growing Problem, some segments of Gull Man, Man of Action, and about a bazillion other little things from the narrative perspective. But do you know what else a Panasonic PVGS500 is good for? Filming random events like Talent Shows, Karaoke, and Guilty Gear Tournaments!

My younger brother’s first time on stage performing a song he wrote. Kid’s got some real charisma too!

My turn to start yelling angry lyrics in bars. I think I scared some of the people in the foreground of this footage. Shot expertly by my wonderful girlfriend, Jenny.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Tournament at Otakon 2008
Let the Games Begin! as my friends James, Phil, Amber and I took off the gloves and put our best moves out to show for the most exciting matches of our lives.

I miss my Canon Elura 90 dearly, but when it comes down to it, this is one of the clearest-shooting cameras I’ve ever used, with great video and audio quality and a heck of a range in terms of versatility. Just wait till you guys see Clarity and Line of Sight. The true power of this little guy will be seen!

Sam Anderson, our frontman and lead actor, has completed his first directorial debut at James Madison University under his education major. The end result is Codebreakers– an intelligent and hilarious romp through the world of cipher cracking and mathematical espionage.

The film stars Sam and his friend Josh, and includes a brief montage of nostalgic and awesome music.

I really enjoy Sam’s work here- its clever, its funny, with a lot of heart behind it. Sam is going to be an amazing teacher if he keeps up with the edutainment! While the pacing is a bit rough and the quality isn’t HD or anything, it is a solid first effort and shows just how much he’s learned working with me, Bob, Damien, Rob, and all the other guys at STRIKE A POSE!!! Films. We’re proud to feature his work on this site! Good Times Dude!

Congratulations: BISCUITS!

As you all can see an exciting change has been made to the website! We have no unveiled our new theme and banner so that when you guys visit the website you can finally recognize it as uniquely ours- something that shows off some of the best moments in SAP history!

So I hope you all enjoy the new look, in terms of functionality the website is still the same, and forums will hopefully be upgraded to match soon enough!

In the meantime, I’m going to start posting EVERY DAY. Even if its something nostalgic or generally unimportant, best to post SOMETHING. I find it inexcusable that I have left our readers with empty mental stomaches for the better part of six weeks- its time to just start posting whatever our crew finds interesting!

So today I have a link to a video, a heads up on one of our biggest inspirations ever, and a quote from a famous actor that gives a glimpse into my upcoming personal criticism of The Dark Knight:

First off, the amazing TV show, Battlestar Galactica, is getting it’s prequel film,
and Sci Fi has the first trailer here.

Secondly, we have news about Strike a Pose!!! Inspiration, RYUHEI KITAMURA is going to be making an American Version of his cult classic, VERSUS. Here’s the scoop, brought to you by

Kitamura just announced that he’s working on an American version of Versus. He just finished a draft of the script and will do one more to polish it up. It’s going to be a few years before it’s made, as he’s doing an action film first, but he stated, and I quote: “The US Versus will be insane!”

And finally, Sir Michael Caine has cast his vote towards the making of a third Batman Begins film, and IMDB has the story! Check out the full article here.

“He tells WENN, “I think this one will be such a success it will be difficult to do a sequel because we’ve done one and we’ve topped it, obviously, and now we’ve got to top this.

“That is difficult. That is difficult because we’ve already broken the box office (record) in American movie history. We’ve got to break our own record. It’s hard.”

I’ll have more on my personal opinion of both The Dark Knight and WALL-E later this week.

For now though, enjoy the new update, and for those of you who don’t know what VERSUS is, check out this great fan video from UltimateVersus2005 on Youtube.

Yeah, that’s not like, the most ridiculously overly-long title EVER.

But hey, it’s Terminator, it’s just that epic.

So without further adieu, I bring you all a decently downloaded version of the trailer. After this we’ll be coming out with a player that will bring you some TRULY amazing stuff, stick around!

So what do you guys think about this? We’re going to have to have a debate on the necessity of THIS fourth film!