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I was hanging out with our web developer, Neutralx2 the other night. We decided to dick around with his new captcha card and see if we could make a quick Halo 3 skill scene. It was fun to get my hands on the tools in the Halo 3 video production kit. Here’s some very quick results:

A full demo video will hopefully come in either by the end of this month or October.

In the meantime, here’s a link to the footage Neutralx2 put together himself.

There’s a lot going on behind the curtain at Strike a Pose!!! Here’s an example of something that will hopefully be coming soon to an internet near you!

Personally, it’s been a rough month for me, but thanks to our wonderful cast and crew and the support of loyal fans, things are finally coming back around, and I’m proud to announce SAP is getting ready to gear up for some exciting events!

All next week we’re going to try and bring you new content, leading up to the day when someone very special is going to make a big public appearance at OTAKON 2010. If you have any clue who we’re talking about, and you’re a fan of the guy, you should let him know where you’re gonna be. You might as well, it’d be a lot scarier if he were to track you down…

So we’ll have road trips, movie reviews, and promos for new content! Be sure to check the site regularly, and if you’re a fan, share us on Facebook and Twitter!

Samurai Trip!

Shot in Scenic MoCo! Now a Safeway :(

This weekend myself and Robert Ramirez (Line of Sight, Car Trouble), will take a trip up north to scenic New Hampshire to attend a martial arts seminar hosted by the Soke of Yoshida-ha Shidare Yanagi ryu, Don Angier. Here’s a video of the master in action:

So, hopefully you all will get a look into this trip. That’s right– we’re bringing the camera and will try to get some great footage of the journey as well as the destination. In the meantime, please be sure to check out this old video of Strike a Pose!!! Films performing our own little samurai action, the original LOCKED BLADES!

Today is Mother’s Day and in celebration of my mom, I put forth the effort and made a little video to congratulate her on a recent victory over morning radio:

Thanks Mix 107.3 for making this possible, and

Thank you Mom, for giving me everything– life, love, and lots of support towards making cool little things like this for you! Happy Mother’s Day!

I figured since I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks I’d just shoot up a quick video I found infinitely amusing and see what happens.

Anyone who reads this site should know two of my biggest inspirations in film making are Aliens and Predator. It is my goal in the film industry to one day make a sci-fi movie just as good as either of those. I think we made a pretty decent start with our System Shock 2 Fan Film (IE– the mega-low-budget-one-tenth-as-long-version-of-PANDORUM, minus Dennis Quaid). Hopefully we’ll get another shot at something similar this year.

Well, here’s what happens when a mediocre video game comes out. Props go out to ‘s Zero Punctuation.

PS- JASPER CONROY is probably coming out next week. OOOOOOOOOOh.