System Shock 2: The First Encounter

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My entry for the Gametrailers Halloween BOOO-VIE Contest. I hope its not too late! My crew and I spent all week on this, utlizing practical lighting, green screen effects, lots of props, and CGI– A first for STRIKE A POSE!!! Films.

Based on the cult classic PC game SYSTEM SHOCK 2 by Looking Glass Studios, THE FIRST ENCOUNTER follows an unnamed man, awakened from Cryo-Sleep aboard the Von Braun, an intergalactic starship that has recently approached Tau Ceti V.

Something has gone horribly wrong, as he soon learns. Hauntings, monsters, an insane AI, and a ship that is falling apart at the seams all endanger his life. Each step he takes could be his last!

Capturing the classic horror moments of video games that we all know and love, FIRST ENCOUNTER takes us through long hallways, tight corridors, pits the hero against hideous HYBRID monsters, serves as an unknowing pawn to an overlord presence that only wishes to manipulate the character into his own destruction, and audiologs that let the player in on what terrifying things have happened before. And might happen again.

Thank you Looking Glass Studios for making one of the most terrifying games I’ve ever played, and inspiring me to make one of the most interesting and exciting movies I’ve ever worked on!

Special thanks go out to Neutralx2 on Gametrailers for inspiring the project, Looking Glass Studios for making the game and the many sound effects utilized for horrifying and nostalgic effect, and Salisbury University for accommodating all us youthful film makers who are reaching for the big time in the Future Film Makers Club!

Tom Murphy as The Main Character
Dan Harrington as The Hybrids
Gillian Babb as the Ghost
Various other Dead Bodies:
Alex Haglich
Liz Peek
John Ianuzzi
Ben Shultz

Visual Effects Supervisor:
John Ianuzzi of Red Wolf Studios
Thanks for all his help with CG and Greenscreen!

10 minutes. Finished November 8th 2009

ENJOY. This movie is best watched very quietly in the dark.

  • Wow, pretty cool video. Good luck with the contest, you clearly put a lot of effort into this.

  • graypheonix

    Not half bad, some pretty awesome work.

    Also, did anyone else notice our cameo dead man on the floor? The guy the soldier took the wrench off of?

    Hmm, guess we now know the fate of Jasper Conroy, dead on a space ship sent to a another star system.

    That just plain sucks.

  • Zach

    Amazing video! I haven’t played the game *YET* but watching your video has made me want the game! Nice Work!

  • Thanks, Zach! That’s one of the motivations for making that video! Either give the die-hard fans something fun to chuckle at, or draw in new ones with what I hope is a riveting haunted house movie!

  • Lotus Prince

    Wow, that was thoroughly entertaining! I love the particular attention to detail, such as the appearance of the wrench, the disk, and even the pipes on the ceiling. Very well done!

  • Thanks Lotus! It was a lot of effort on the part of detail. I can see you don’t mention the camera lol! But yes! Don’t bother adapting a video game unless you can show some of the props people get REALLY familiar with!

    Glad you enjoyed it, now hopefully it’ll be enjoyed by all at