There’s a lot going on behind the curtain at Strike a Pose!!! Here’s an example of something that will hopefully be coming soon to an internet near you!

Personally, it’s been a rough month for me, but thanks to our wonderful cast and crew and the support of loyal fans, things are finally coming back around, and I’m proud to announce SAP is getting ready to gear up for some exciting events!

All next week we’re going to try and bring you new content, leading up to the day when someone very special is going to make a big public appearance at OTAKON 2010. If you have any clue who we’re talking about, and you’re a fan of the guy, you should let him know where you’re gonna be. You might as well, it’d be a lot scarier if he were to track you down…

So we’ll have road trips, movie reviews, and promos for new content! Be sure to check the site regularly, and if you’re a fan, share us on Facebook and Twitter!