Podcast: The Dark Knight

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This week, the Salisbury University FUTURE FILM MAKERS club is presenting it’s first podcast. Utilizing a small group discussion format and a flash recorder, the Film Makers took 43 minutes to comment on the up and coming website, The Dark Campaign.com. The Dark Campaign is a website with the purpose of pushing the DARK KNIGHT to get an Oscar Nod for best picture, and possibly win it.

The have a well-composed video that hosts numerous review quotes, many of which discuss the film’s thematic strengths– a truly important part to winning the Oscars. After watching this video, the club discussed our own thoughts on the subject, the big question being “Should the Dark Knight, a film based on a comic book and in the action genre, be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?” The podcast itself raises such points as A) The film as a metaphor for post-911 America, B) The role of heroes in our society and their consequences, C) How the term “comic book” is becoming something that adults shouldn’t cringe at anymore, and how people who wouldn’t be caught dead with one are starting to read them because of films like this. D) How the film itself has changed its comic book because of how powerful it is, and E) the pop art form as high art. F) A lot of other stuff too.

It was a very comprehensive discussion, raising some good points, and in the end it really compliments, in our opinion, The Dark Campaign’s reasons and goals. We hope many people get a chance to hear it, as it is a discussion between a diverse group of people- comic book fans, literary book readers, film buffs (and nerds), our academic adviser, and people who just love making movies for fun. In the end everyone reached an agreement, but you’ll have to listen to here what it is. Please visit The Dark Campaign’s website , as well as our youtube page to let us know what you think.

And of course comment here on our website.

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