News Package: War On Parking

Much like the last video I posted in my “catching up” post, which I’ve failed to keep my word at maintaining, this next package (filmed before the Skate package) was created by myself and news production (CMAT 373 at Salisbury, TAKE IT!) partner, Bryan Babcock. As in the last project, Bryan did the reporting, while I worked as cameraman (photog in the lingo).

Bryan’s connections and sources, combined with my knack for framing, netted us a huge A (97 or 98, I believe) on this project. I’ll be posting all of these to the films page soon under one post called “News Packages,” but for now, here’s a post from Bryan’s Youtube page. Also remember to look him up on

More videos from us are to come, as well as one or two where I actually do the reporting, one where a certain local Governor is featured, and eventually one where we show how one nearby-campus beer store is still making money; OFF OF MINORS!

This has seriously been my favorite class of the semester, and its the only one I’m really going to miss. Wait till you see Bryan’s documentary profile on me, and mine on him. Those are going to be classics.

  • Wow, Salisbury parking permits are cheap. For one semester at Towson its $140. If you want a year long permit its $240.

  • Yeah but what is the situation of the parking? For us the pass only really is useful between 8 AM and 4 PM, otherwise we can park on campus anyways, AND that’s only monday through friday. On the weekends we can park on campus. Sure, its cheap, but its also a rip off when it A) doesn’t guarantee you a spot (they don’t check to see if they’ve run out of spaces, they just over sell as much as they can) and B) its really not that useful anyways. I park off campus and I’ve been doing it for free the whole semester. You just gotta know where to look to save yourself some money, and because of where I live I can see my car from my window nearly at all times.

  • A permit is required until 8:00pm to park on campus. Buying a permit does not guarantee you anything, since parking on campus is terrible. You often need to arrive an hour or so before your class so you can drive around the parking lots/garages for 45 minutes until you find a spot.

  • Funkyman Sam

    I agree, $75 is better than most places. The things you’re talking about are quite standard, and at JMU it’s $192 for a full-time annual permit. I had to pay a $100 ticket once, so you know they’re ripping you off.