Preview: X-men Origins: Wolverine

I’m pretty excited about this film, seeing as how much X3 truly sucked, and how good of a character Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was becoming in X2. This one pretty much ignores all the problems with 3 and continues the character down that sort of path of memories.

On a further note, I am interested in this breed of film. Lately I have had the desire to make an action film similar in scope and technique to fantasy films such as the first two X-Men, to an extent the Blade Movies, and with a twist of Ryuhei Kitamura. I just bought his Ultimate Versus 3 Disc Collectors box, btw.

Anyways, I’ll update/edit this post more later, but I was just trying out this quick post thing for now. I’m really inspired by this trailer- the movie looks a lot of fun and the action looks fantastic, and Hugh Jackman is, as always, pretty badass.