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Poster art for our newest flick at Salisbury University, which premiered at the Student Activities Fair in Winter 2007.

Intersection POSTER

Film to come soon.


Hey readers, just thought I’d pop by and deliver a really great link. This one comes from and is about the difference between a BEAT and a PAUSE in screenplay writing.

Here’s an excerpt:
They mean the same thing, though I almost always use beat.1 The term is probably taken from music, because it refers to the natural rhythm of dialogue. A beat is the pause a speaker takes to separate thoughts. Calling one out can help clarify a joke, a point of information, or a shift in the scene.

John August is a premiere Hollywood screenwriter, who’s works include Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, and his breakthrough work, GO. He has also done work on IMDB for their Ask A Filmmaker Column numerous times. I’ve liked his realistic and informative writings on his blog and those articles, so now I share the link with my fellow film makers. Keep up with it! He posts pretty often.

Meeting on Thursday.

I was looking up Prince (the artist) probably because of that crazy performance he gave at the Super Bowl- the only part of that boring game I barely paid attention to.

So I decided I’d check out what the hell was up with him doing the music for one of my top 50 films of all time, Batman. I mean, didn’t it seem a bit out of place? No. It didn’t. For some damned reason, even though the movie had a visually gothic-noir setting, was about a dark crime-fighter and a killer clown, and was more extremist and ridiculous than psychedelic in terms of direction, the over all “super style” of the film pretty much was the perfect padding for Prince to re-land his career on. Supposedly the album for this flick saved his career by the end of the 80’s.

Course, everyone who’s seen Shaun of the Dead would probably be inclined to think differently.

In any case, I want everyone reading this to watch this old music video I found on YouTube, and see just how bizarre, eclectic, and downright entertaining this whole montage of madness is!

Batman Begins? Screw THAT! I accept that it was a great movie, but it didn’t have a Prince soundtrack- hell I don’t think the movie had a soundtrack at all. Regardless of the quality of the 1989 film, it is still by far the most stylish movie ever made. If you can comment and name one that tops it in over all panache, flamboyance, and insane disregard for boredom, then please do so now. I saw this film when I was barely 2 years old IN THEATERS, and ever since then this has been one of my faves, with almost every line personally memorized, not to mention the amount of damage it did to my senses. Not a frame of this movie lacks some sort of visual, audible, stylistic punch!

And this video embodies all of that! Damn, Prince! You’re one freaky musical genius!

In Today’s News…

Figured I’d just look through my favorite sites and try and post some links to some interesting news.

  • First off-
  • the god’s have granted me movie immunity- turns out it’ll be a lot longer before I have to try and stomache a horrible, Americanized Oldboy Remake. This is seriously one of my top-10 movies of ALL TIME. It does NOT need to be translated- the actors in the original have voices that seep through your ears like silk, and with that, its sooooo easy to watch even in Korean. Yeah…subtitles…are a problem for some people. You know what, I have three words for you- HOOKED ON PHONICS.

  • Jo Blo has a great interview with Kevin Smith up, talking about pop-culture, the remake of Near Dark, and other such interesting topics. Like Die-Hard 4. Ugh…
    On the question of who is the most pimp, here’s an excerpt:

    Who’s more pimp; Han Solo or David Addison [Bruce Willis in MOONLIGHTING]?

    David Addison.

    I agree.

  • And also, it’s [an] unfair comparison because Han Solo, we only got to see him three times. And David Addison, they did almost four years of that show, they never did twenty-two episodes of any season so they never reached their syndication number. So they did roughly sixty to seventy episodes so he had more time to be a pimp. But even in that first episode he was more pimp than Han Solo.

  • It seems that Ennio Morricone is up for an Honarary Oscar this year…TIZIGHT. See my video, LOCKED BLADES to hear some of his amazing work!
  • The Razzies’ forums has a complete list of the overstuffed film year– 495 films in all!
  • Seems that Nicolas Cage can’t stop pissing me off. IMDB has a note in their news saying how much he wants to be Liberace!

    Well that’s all I feel like doing for now. More stuff later, everyone!

  • So over the last six days I was in Silver Spring, Maryland, filming a new movie with another group. This is a group I haven’t used that often. Mostly consisting of theatrical actors from AEHS- some of the best but overlooked, this group has spunk, creativity, and a lot of talent for their age.

    The film was fantasy-meets-revenge, and although we didn’t get to record a lot of the scenes, we got enough that we can make a near-finished product, and possibly film other stories in the saga later in the year.

    Here’s the current poster art, done by our artist and actress Simply Taboo.

    Mystic Quest: The Debt

    I’ll have a single scene up later in the week hopefully. One of the earlier scenes.

    Anyways, hope this one turns out well, back to Salisbury in 6 days!