In Today’s News…

Figured I’d just look through my favorite sites and try and post some links to some interesting news.

  • First off-
  • the god’s have granted me movie immunity- turns out it’ll be a lot longer before I have to try and stomache a horrible, Americanized Oldboy Remake. This is seriously one of my top-10 movies of ALL TIME. It does NOT need to be translated- the actors in the original have voices that seep through your ears like silk, and with that, its sooooo easy to watch even in Korean. Yeah…subtitles…are a problem for some people. You know what, I have three words for you- HOOKED ON PHONICS.

  • Jo Blo has a great interview with Kevin Smith up, talking about pop-culture, the remake of Near Dark, and other such interesting topics. Like Die-Hard 4. Ugh…
    On the question of who is the most pimp, here’s an excerpt:

    Who’s more pimp; Han Solo or David Addison [Bruce Willis in MOONLIGHTING]?

    David Addison.

    I agree.

  • And also, it’s [an] unfair comparison because Han Solo, we only got to see him three times. And David Addison, they did almost four years of that show, they never did twenty-two episodes of any season so they never reached their syndication number. So they did roughly sixty to seventy episodes so he had more time to be a pimp. But even in that first episode he was more pimp than Han Solo.

  • It seems that Ennio Morricone is up for an Honarary Oscar this year…TIZIGHT. See my video, LOCKED BLADES to hear some of his amazing work!
  • The Razzies’ forums has a complete list of the overstuffed film year– 495 films in all!
  • Seems that Nicolas Cage can’t stop pissing me off. IMDB has a note in their news saying how much he wants to be Liberace!

    Well that’s all I feel like doing for now. More stuff later, everyone!