Hey readers, just thought I’d pop by and deliver a really great link. This one comes from and is about the difference between a BEAT and a PAUSE in screenplay writing.

Here’s an excerpt:
They mean the same thing, though I almost always use beat.1 The term is probably taken from music, because it refers to the natural rhythm of dialogue. A beat is the pause a speaker takes to separate thoughts. Calling one out can help clarify a joke, a point of information, or a shift in the scene.

John August is a premiere Hollywood screenwriter, who’s works include Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, and his breakthrough work, GO. He has also done work on IMDB for their Ask A Filmmaker Column numerous times. I’ve liked his realistic and informative writings on his blog and those articles, so now I share the link with my fellow film makers. Keep up with it! He posts pretty often.

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