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We just wrapped filming a new movie here at STRIKE A POSE!!! Films- the psychological thriller “Clarity” starring Sam Anderson and Damien McCoy.

Here’s the synopsis and some set pics:

“A teenage boy hires a detective to find his missing girlfriend, however there are no records of her existence, no police files, not even anything in sealed government files. He gives the boy 24 hours to prove the girl exists and that if he does, he’ll agree to work as long as it takes to find her. Along the way he encounters his own past and discovers he may be on the tail of the same killer who took his lover three years ago.”


the deal

the girl

The Killing Time

who is he?

This film should be finished editing by the end of August 2007

Sunshine Trailer

Danny Boyle of 28 Days Later and Trainspotting fame, has been working on a little treat for all of us out in “quality film making” land. You know, the place we were before all these devastatingly terrible “threequels” bombarded out silver screens?

Well I’ve got a treat here for anyone who hasn’t seen the previews yet: two trailers for the film SUNSHINE a movie that is sort of about re-igniting the sun. Most people I’ve talked to about it have said “what? That’s the dumbest most preposterous idea ever” and granted there was a Courage the Cowardly Dog episode dedicated to such a task, only putting more emphasis onto how cartoony such a goal would be.

Sunshine Set Stills

    Image From The Official Sunshine Website

But good news! After some careful research through IMDB (it’s right in the freaking trivia section, folks), I’ve come up with something to quell yea nay-sayers (aka SCIENCE GEEKS):

The plot does not revolve around the sun dying in the normal sense: this is not due for around five billion years based on our understanding of nuclear fusion. It has instead been “infected” with a “Q-ball” – a supersymmetric nucleus, left over from the big bang – that is disrupting the normal matter. This is a theoretical particle that scientists at CERN are currently trying to confirm, and was one of the many contributions of the science advisor. The film’s bomb is meant to blast the Q-ball to its constituent parts which will then naturally decay, allowing the sun to return to normal.

This is the first trailer released, more of a plot/special effects teaser.

This second one details the action, drama, and suspense, with a creepy narration at the end that just DEMANDS you see this movie!

Finally a link to the review from Arrow in the Head

The perfect balance of “action/thrills” and “existential/philosophical themes” resulted in a ride that had me by the collar while also provoking thoughts in one of my most useless organs – my brain.

The release date for this film is July 20th, 2007

PREVIEW: Shoot Em Up

Ok, so now that Pirates and Spidey have FAILED AND DIED (look at the box office- 300 mil is good, but way lower than expected for both), we can look forward to real entertainment for the rest of the summer. For starters, Transformers is coming out soon, but I’m sure everyone has seen those trailers.

I’d like to point your attention in the direction of Clive Owen. Now, I’ve in truth only seen like 4 of his movies (Sin City, Children of Men, Derailed, and the Driver Series), but I’m a huge fan of his. He’s the kind of macho Brit bad ass Michael Caine used to be (and still is!). His next big flick, “Shoot ‘Em Up” is a mix between American Action Comedy and John Woo Shooter.

And holy shit does it look FUN. Check out the trailer HERE:

Now the director isn’t known for any real gems. Having helmed the 1994 post-modern fairy tale Beanstalk, a couple of Prehysteria movies and the incredibly AWFUL Double Dragon from 1994 (Granted Mark Dacascos, one of the best American martial artists ever is in it), we don’t really have much in the way of drawing a thirst for this film.

But seriously, Clive Owen. Clive Owen. Versus Paul Giammatti in something intentionally ham-fisted? Over the incredibly gorgeous Monica Bellucci? I could definitely go for that!

Comes out Sept 7 2007

It took long enough, but it seems like a company has finally come up with something original after the last 8 years or so of super-hero origin stories gone wild.

green arrowWe’ve had Daredevil, we’ve had Punisher, Spidey, the Xmen, we’ve even gotten a new Batman after just a 12 year hiatus (from reasonable films, at least).

I’m getting a little sick of these “this is how it happened” stories. When Batman 89 came out in…1989…it jumped right into the middle of his career, pre-Rogues gallery, and jumped into the important element that makes Batman so memorable: his villains.

Well it looks like Warner Bros, with the hand of David Goyer (Blade Trinity…among other delightful trainwrecks), will be looking at a different set of wheels, rather than reinventing them for a change.

On Saturday, fantasy/scifi site Wizard Entertainment posted a link about a film David Goyer wishes to get working on right away, starring that Archery-based alternate to the Dark Knight, The Green Arrow.

Here’s a small portion of the story:

    “Super Max” is Goyer’s take on supervillain incarceration in the DCU. Revolving around a wrongly convicted Green Arrow being whisked away to the super max prison for out-of-control heroes and villains (where he’s forced to face a number of inmates he put there), Goyer says the flick—which he’s developing with writer Justin Marx—isn’t just a Green Arrow film.”

You can read the full story and more here

Marvel Movie Universe
Comic book movies have been popping up like weeds in the last 10 years, ever since the Spider Man and X-Men craze. Those two Saturday-morning high profilers more than deserved the film treatment. Daredevil, Ghostrider, Elektra (even though my mom loved it), The Punisher, Hulk, and Iron Man are all movies that most people probably agree we could do without. Here’s a low-down on my opinions:

Spider-Man deserved to be a movie because its a superhero that can be about one major character and how his life is affected by his cursed power. It’s sorta in the modern day “emo” trend, but the fact is that’s what kids want, and adults love to see a guy in blue tights fighting monsterous villains in NYC. It just looks cool. Spider-Man is one of the most charasmatic characters ever created, and thusly deserves a movie. Sam Raimi brought in great characterization that Maguire complimented with a great performance. I more than approve, with Spider-Man 2 probably being one of my top 50 movies of all time.

X-Men deserved a series because of the popular collection of characters, would make for an awesome trilogy, and sadly was utterly decimated by studio politics. Don’t blame Ratner, kids. Blame Singer for leaving the project just as it was finally getting good. The first movie was decent popcorn, but the second was what REALLY nailed the oncoming “mutant apocalypse” feel that the series was known for, especially with scenes such as the raid on the Mansion which was mirrored by the raid on the Evil Secret Government Hideout. I still attribute inane fanservice to the fall of the trilogy, with that wonderful Juggernaut line killing my brain for the last twenty minutes of the film. And no, I won’t repeat it here.

Daredevil is a decent character, but if Spider-Man is already saving New York, why do we need this fluzy? I liked Affleck’s performance, the man has TALENT, but sadly the directing was so off base, and one of the more mature characters of the Marvel Universe was treated as a child’s plaything, with more cheesy taglines and quips than this more-Batman-less-Spidey needed. It was the start of a snowball towards REALLY BAD COMIC BOOK MOVIES which brings us to

Elektra which I’ll admit I haven’t seen, but my mom loves it, and some of the fight scenes look OK. Defintely looks more focused than Ultraviolet, but hey, that isn’t saying much. Jennifer Garner should be doing something more serious with her career instead of playing wtih Sais- she obviously has the talent. I’ll admit I saw 13 Going on 30 and felt slightly touched. If I don’t admit that, my mom will kill me, alas poor ego vs. survival.

Ghostrider deserves the Straight-to-DvD treatment for two reasons: 1) Nicolas Cage’s career in the action/suspense field is an absolute joke. Here’s a link to one of his other recent career moves which he took VERY SERIOUSLY
and 2) The special effects look absolute crap tastic. Find your own damned trailer I’m not going to provide links to absolute…well Nic Cage movies that don’t sully his career. And just to show I’m not a complete hater- I really want to see Lord of War.

In my opinion, The Punisher and The Hulk were two movies that had the guts to try something different, and succeeded with mixed results. They’re more open to a love-it-or-hate-it field of criticism though, as they aimed for marks and didn’t always miss them. There was some really cool stuff in both films that felt original and not tacked on for the sake of playing-up the character. However, other than the fantastic casting of Iron Man in which Robert Downey Jr is playing an alcoholic (nyuk nyuk nyuk) there really isn’t anything to look forward to from this Robo-Batman-Wannabe.

Now there’s two major Marvel Franchises I have yet to mention- Blade and The Fantastic Four . I don’t mention the former because the first movie, as I recall, actually came out before X-Men and Spider-Man. It was also a REALLY COOL vampire action flick. I have no beef with Snipes killing vampires. It’s damned awesome, even some parts of the much maligned Trinity.

So what’s the deal with FF? I thought it was a bad idea at first, but then I actually sat down and watched the film and realized that while the movie wasn’t very good, the heart was ALL THERE, and the franchise aimed more at families than most of the films that came out as of late. Most comic book films aim towards either “resetting” a franchise, or building up the nerd base for what I can assume is going to be a cosmic war of stupidity over forums for the next 30 years until something wipes them all out (I’m going to go with George Carlin’s theory of Autoerotic-asphyxiation). Fantastic Four aimed to be a family movie, with more of a fantasy-comic book setting, and in the end could please crowds at least for one viewing. Its the kind of shlock comic book films could be made out of if we lived in a less-cynical time, and I don’t mind it one bit. So here’s the trailer for the sequel, something of which I HIGHLY APPROVE OF.

My opinion might not matter for much at this point in my career, but what we all need to do is pay attention to trends- FF is one of the least destructive trends in comic-book movie making, and if they’re going to make a kids-movie craze out of it, I prefer that over CGI skulls that are supposed to be taken seriously any day.