Sunshine Trailer

Danny Boyle of 28 Days Later and Trainspotting fame, has been working on a little treat for all of us out in “quality film making” land. You know, the place we were before all these devastatingly terrible “threequels” bombarded out silver screens?

Well I’ve got a treat here for anyone who hasn’t seen the previews yet: two trailers for the film SUNSHINE a movie that is sort of about re-igniting the sun. Most people I’ve talked to about it have said “what? That’s the dumbest most preposterous idea ever” and granted there was a Courage the Cowardly Dog episode dedicated to such a task, only putting more emphasis onto how cartoony such a goal would be.

Sunshine Set Stills

    Image From The Official Sunshine Website

But good news! After some careful research through IMDB (it’s right in the freaking trivia section, folks), I’ve come up with something to quell yea nay-sayers (aka SCIENCE GEEKS):

The plot does not revolve around the sun dying in the normal sense: this is not due for around five billion years based on our understanding of nuclear fusion. It has instead been “infected” with a “Q-ball” – a supersymmetric nucleus, left over from the big bang – that is disrupting the normal matter. This is a theoretical particle that scientists at CERN are currently trying to confirm, and was one of the many contributions of the science advisor. The film’s bomb is meant to blast the Q-ball to its constituent parts which will then naturally decay, allowing the sun to return to normal.

This is the first trailer released, more of a plot/special effects teaser.

This second one details the action, drama, and suspense, with a creepy narration at the end that just DEMANDS you see this movie!

Finally a link to the review from Arrow in the Head

The perfect balance of “action/thrills” and “existential/philosophical themes” resulted in a ride that had me by the collar while also provoking thoughts in one of my most useless organs – my brain.

The release date for this film is July 20th, 2007