PREVIEW: Shoot Em Up

Ok, so now that Pirates and Spidey have FAILED AND DIED (look at the box office- 300 mil is good, but way lower than expected for both), we can look forward to real entertainment for the rest of the summer. For starters, Transformers is coming out soon, but I’m sure everyone has seen those trailers.

I’d like to point your attention in the direction of Clive Owen. Now, I’ve in truth only seen like 4 of his movies (Sin City, Children of Men, Derailed, and the Driver Series), but I’m a huge fan of his. He’s the kind of macho Brit bad ass Michael Caine used to be (and still is!). His next big flick, “Shoot ‘Em Up” is a mix between American Action Comedy and John Woo Shooter.

And holy shit does it look FUN. Check out the trailer HERE:

Now the director isn’t known for any real gems. Having helmed the 1994 post-modern fairy tale Beanstalk, a couple of Prehysteria movies and the incredibly AWFUL Double Dragon from 1994 (Granted Mark Dacascos, one of the best American martial artists ever is in it), we don’t really have much in the way of drawing a thirst for this film.

But seriously, Clive Owen. Clive Owen. Versus Paul Giammatti in something intentionally ham-fisted? Over the incredibly gorgeous Monica Bellucci? I could definitely go for that!

Comes out Sept 7 2007