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This is a review from another site, you might have heard of it: Aint It cool News.

300 shrapnel

Well, here’s an except to the review :

The movie takes place about a million years ago, and it’s sort of like a prequel to SIN CITY. Except way less guns and cars but twice as much skull splitting. If you watch this movie and go into a Taco Bell, and say to the cashier, “I need some extra sauce packets” guess what? You’re getting twenty sauce packets because your face will punch him in the brain.

This is pretty much a non-sequiter review of the movie, and its funny as hell. Its also almost completely accurate. It lists the reasons why other critics hated the movie, but also points out pretty much why they’re wrong. If you like Maddox (The Best Page In The Universe), then you’ll enjoy this.

Oh well, I’m deliriously fudged up on Sudafed. I’ll talk more later.

Name That Celebrity

This video isn’t really relevant to anything STRIKE A POSE!!! related, but hey, I figured some of you guys might get a kick out of it.

Go to to check out more…similar videos.

Fun Website

This isn’t really film related, but I figure you guys could have fun with it nonetheless.

On Notice

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Should I explain my stuff?

1- the food at Salisbury’s COMMONS dining hall. Should be self-explained. While I like a majority of the food…it always comes back to haunt me.
2- GHOST RIDIN’ The Whip…here’s a video for this one and why it is stupid:

3- Grizzly Bears…hey gotta give Colbert credit somehow.

4- Drawing 1 Charcoal- Drawing 1 is driving me INSANE


6- Michael Bay: Do NOT screw up transformers. You will feel VERY BAD…YEAH.

7- Tom-Sluttery. A favorite activity of some people, it never fails to amuse me how it MUST STOP.

8- Eddie Murphy. An example of number 7. What the hell was NORBIT meant to do for culture anyways? Taint it with even more unnecessary stupidity? Eddie Murphy needs to take a freaking Valium or something…look what happened to him at The Oscars… IMDB REPORTS THAT:

“Eddie Murphy was so devastated after losing the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award…he stormed out of the ceremony… Murphy was the favorite to win the Oscar, which instead was awarded to Little Miss Sunshine star [Alan] Arkin. The 45-year-old tried to downplay his disappointment telling American publication Us Weekly, “It’s fine. It happens. It’s OK.” But shortly thereafter, Murphy and girlfriend Tracey Edmonds left the show and didn’t return.”

Guess it wasn’t OK, huh EDDIE? Go play your Donkey role one LAST time so I don’t have to hear a FORTH batch of stupid catchphrases constantly coming out of my 12 year old brother’s mouth!

That’s about it tonight guys. Just figured I’d put up an amusing, pointless, editorial update.

Ghost Rider once again proves even cheesy Hollywood action can beat out horrendous Eddie Murphy comedies. Thank GOD. And I never thought there’d be a movie with a plot that was more shallow than Ghost Rider.

New up on the list is Number 23, taking second spot away from family favorite Bridge to Terabithia. NOTE: Be careful when taking kids to see this movie! It’s a family film, but has a very big twist ending some kids might not be able to take.

Reno 911: Miami debuted strongly for something that will probably get more appreciation than it deserves, but, aw heck, at least its a group of people trying to be funny, unlike

NORBIT which is a crime against humanity. Hey, Eddie, why not try playing ONE person well instead of 6 people AWFULLY. Jesus Christ, kids, I figured he’d learned his lesson after the Nutty Professor 2. Too bad America didn’t.

I don’t know anything about Music and Lyrics, but BREACH will certainly be an early contender for First Great Thriller of the Year (as if it was an award). As for the last three films I’ve hardly heard anything on them, but The Astronaut Farmer seems to be semi-interesting dramatic fair, dealing with a farmer who…you guessed it…wants to be an Astronaut. Hey, it’s the movies. It’s all about dreams, ain’t it?

1…….Ghost Rider (2007)————–$20.1M———–$79M
2…….The Number 23 (2007)————-$14.6M———–$14.6M
3…….Bridge to Terabithia (2007)———$14.2M———-$46.8M
4…….Reno 911!: Miami (2007)————$10.3M———-$10.3M
5…….Norbit (2007)———————–$9.83M———-$74.8M
6…….Music and Lyrics (2007)————–$7.65M———$31.7M
7…….Breach (2007)———————–$5.99M———$20.3M
8…….Daddy’s Little Girls (2007)————$4.82M———$25.1M
9…….The Astronaut Farmer (2007)———$4.45M———$4.45M
10……Amazing Grace (2006)—————-$4.05M———$4.05M

And there you have it. A little late, but I kept my deadline.

Let’s hear another shot out for Scorsese!

Martin Wins Oscar

Okay, everyone, I want you all to give a BIG round of applause to this next group of film makers who are actually IN the game that I have been a huge fan of since two years ago- Westhavenbrook, headed by John Spurlock and John Soares.

In the video I’m going to post, John Soares (actor, director, fight choreographer, writer, apparently editor, among other things) is discussing their latest feature, Battle Jitni and the Gauntlet of Sorrow. Considering these guys have been an immeasurable inspiration of mine, I watch this little pseudo documentary/announcement with MUCH anticipation.

Go to for many of their videos, and to for one of their best known, a little film called Sockbaby, co-created with Doug Tenapel- the creator of Earthworm Jim.

Here’s the video:

Westhavenbrook Update

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They’re on Myspace as well of course, and if you’re an amateur film maker of any kind, I highly recommend you check them out!