Okay, everyone, I want you all to give a BIG round of applause to this next group of film makers who are actually IN the game that I have been a huge fan of since two years ago- Westhavenbrook, headed by John Spurlock and John Soares.

In the video I’m going to post, John Soares (actor, director, fight choreographer, writer, apparently editor, among other things) is discussing their latest feature, Battle Jitni and the Gauntlet of Sorrow. Considering these guys have been an immeasurable inspiration of mine, I watch this little pseudo documentary/announcement with MUCH anticipation.

Go to www.westhavenbrook.com for many of their videos, and to www.sockbaby.com for one of their best known, a little film called Sockbaby, co-created with Doug Tenapel- the creator of Earthworm Jim.

Here’s the video:

Westhavenbrook Update

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They’re on Myspace as well of course, and if you’re an amateur film maker of any kind, I highly recommend you check them out!