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Super Jerks

Two semesters ago I took a class called Electronic Field Production at Salisbury University. In the glass we made simple films to learn the basic structure of cinema. Of course I already had a grasp on that, and some of the other students didn’t. Luckily- I got to group up with three guys that knew what they were doing, and REALLY WELL. Those guys were Mateo Samper, Scott Evans, and Ian Hunewill. You can actually see them all in a video I helped shoot called The Korean Connection that I uploaded here a few months back.

So, I accidentally forgot to give Mateo his tape back after editing, and I decided I’d upload his directorial gold for him, especially in time to parody The Dark Knight and all things marvel. He approved, so here it is!

So now I present, SUPERJERKS

Batman and Superman meet up to thwart another crime. In the process they reflect upon their cooperative careers, the good times and the bad.

Games Going Movies, and Movies Going Games. The Best of the Best Cross Platforms

And no, I did not write “Max Payne vs. Aliens,” although the thought of that gets me excited as well. Here’s my take on the two adaptations:

The long-awaited Max Payne movie now has a trailer.

Max Payne tells the story of a lone cop out for revenge. Going deep undercover, becoming part of the world which has stolen everything from him, he searches for his targets guns-blazing through the winter nights. The film takes the game in a direction that favors its dark atmosphere, with surrealist elements of fantasy and Noir filling the air. The gunfights look promising as well, visceral pot marks breaking through the walls like a jackhammer orchestra.

I highly look forward to it, a smile laying cross my face.

The film ALIENS, also known as the GREATEST SCI FI FILM OF ALL TIME, at least in my completely non-valid opinion, is finally getting a decent video game that doesn’t include it’s cousin franchise, AVP. This new one is based solely on events from the second movie, with a story extrapolated in an epilogue fashion by writers from the hit TV series, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

Here’s what Randy Pitchford said in an interview with Shacknews:


One thing that’s cool is some of the people we’ve been able to work with to help us [on Aliens]. The guys that write the Battlestar Galactica series, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, they wrote our script. They’re amazing guys. They gave us a lot, too. We could make a whole season of TV with the stuff they gave us. [laughs] We profited from the writer’s strike, let’s just put it that way. We talked with a lot of people, but those guys are so good.

And then a lot of the concept guys that helped make the movies. Like [Aliens concept artist] Syd Mead, that guy walks on water. And to be able to go to his studio, his house, and then have him draw a bunch of stuff. “Here’s when I designed the Sulaco back when we made the first movie. Here’s the original artwork. You want a copy, Brian?” And Brian’s like, “Yes.”

And now he’s designing all the new stuff, because the Sulaco’s a big ship and we only saw a bit of it, so you get the guy who designed it to design the rest of it. And he’s awesome, he designed so much stuff. And then like [concept artists] Keith Thompson, Craig Mullins.. anybody who knows these names knows what we’re talking about. This is no joke.

It’s a big team. And we’re also working with people from all over the world. We’ve been working with a lot of amazing talent at other studios. I don’t know how much of that will be used in PR, but there’s a lot of people who care about this franchise. The opportunity to build a dropship, or build a pulse rifle, or build a smart gun, that’s a pretty cool opportunity–a lot of artists would want to do that. So we have our core Gearbox team, but we’re also finding a lot of folks around the industry now, guys who are on top of their game.

This is by far the best video game news I’ve had in a while. You foos can all keep your Gears of Whatever and your How-Low (Can you Go To Market this Cliche Garbage) games. I’ll take the real thing ANY DAY. It’s about time an amazing team like Gearbox brought their tools to the table to make a truly epic and frightening game. The writing staff will, and I’m sure of this, give hardcore fans a great interpretation of James Cameron’s material. Even if I don’t own a 360, you’ll be sure to find me renting this baby and hijacking my friend’s console upon its release date.

Special thanks to Neutralx2 for the heads up on these movie-related articles.

Taming the Wild Mare

During Spring Break, 2008, Dylan Hintz ventured out to the West to tame the wildest of horses. This is his story.


As you all can see an exciting change has been made to the website! We have no unveiled our new theme and banner so that when you guys visit the website you can finally recognize it as uniquely ours- something that shows off some of the best moments in SAP history!

So I hope you all enjoy the new look, in terms of functionality the website is still the same, and forums will hopefully be upgraded to match soon enough!

In the meantime, I’m going to start posting EVERY DAY. Even if its something nostalgic or generally unimportant, best to post SOMETHING. I find it inexcusable that I have left our readers with empty mental stomaches for the better part of six weeks- its time to just start posting whatever our crew finds interesting!

So today I have a link to a video, a heads up on one of our biggest inspirations ever, and a quote from a famous actor that gives a glimpse into my upcoming personal criticism of The Dark Knight:

First off, the amazing TV show, Battlestar Galactica, is getting it’s prequel film,
and Sci Fi has the first trailer here.

Secondly, we have news about Strike a Pose!!! Inspiration, RYUHEI KITAMURA is going to be making an American Version of his cult classic, VERSUS. Here’s the scoop, brought to you by

Kitamura just announced that he’s working on an American version of Versus. He just finished a draft of the script and will do one more to polish it up. It’s going to be a few years before it’s made, as he’s doing an action film first, but he stated, and I quote: “The US Versus will be insane!”

And finally, Sir Michael Caine has cast his vote towards the making of a third Batman Begins film, and IMDB has the story! Check out the full article here.

“He tells WENN, “I think this one will be such a success it will be difficult to do a sequel because we’ve done one and we’ve topped it, obviously, and now we’ve got to top this.

“That is difficult. That is difficult because we’ve already broken the box office (record) in American movie history. We’ve got to break our own record. It’s hard.”

I’ll have more on my personal opinion of both The Dark Knight and WALL-E later this week.

For now though, enjoy the new update, and for those of you who don’t know what VERSUS is, check out this great fan video from UltimateVersus2005 on Youtube.

Strike a Pose Films…

The final frontier…

we’ve been stranded…for a long time. Engines- about to explode…time is but, counting…inside a glass jar…little sand pieces- why oh why do we- do what we do?

Because its freaking amazing.

Strike a Pose!!! Films has been around so long now I barely know anything else in my life without it, as it has become a part of my life in every way- achievements, friends, family, fun, vacations, school. EVERYTHING.

So today I don’t have any videos to post or any reviews to write, I just want to update myself and community on what I’m going to be doing with my career at this point. It’s random, but it’ stuff that needs to be said in writing. In public.


CURSE OF BODANGOFISH is now on DVD and available at your local “hey give me five bucks and I’ll throw you a copy” store, complete with Car Trouble as a bonus feature. Its taken 3 years, and the DVD isn’t exactly perfect, but it PLAYS IN A DVD PLAYER and has a lightscribed image on it. So yeah…give me five dollars. Put it in the box! Seriously though- if you’re interested, check it out. The trailer can be found here and here.

The Sam Anderson and Damien McCoy-lead detective thriller is slowly making progress in the editing process. I finally got over some HUGE emotional humps in dealing with the project and now have the confidence to complete it hopefully some time before the end of summer. I doubt I’m going to try to release it anywhere but here, seeing as how it is a very personal project but not exactly festival-worthy all things considered. I would like to see how it plays up to the open forum of le internet. I’ll try and post a scene or trailer ASAP, but no promises. I know a lot of Sam’s biggest fans have been looking forward to this one, and I DO promise that he does not disappoint! Its some of his finest acting yet in a truly dramatic and non-over-the-top role.

The Bob Novich and Rob Ramirez lead action flick is pretty much done, it just requires a guitar-blues rock score something along the lines of Metallica or Soundgarden. I’ve tried to get a lot of people to do it, and had a couple of prospects, but nothing has happened with it yet. This will be a very great film when it is completed and I look forward to sharing the first actual Peregrine Saga story to everyone I can. I love this series with all my heart and will make it my entry point into the film profession.


The Behind the Scenes on AN OLD HOPE, Dan Gvozden’s final project for his degree at NYU’s Tisch School of Arts, is going to be getting under way. This is my top editing priority of the summer, and I really want to get it out there for Dan, his crew, and all their fans. Plus, hey, it’s the closest thing to a PROFESSIONAL gig I’ve had in a while.

Doing basic service industry work has yielded very little results in the filmic journey my life is meant to be, but hey, you gotta get life experience before you can make film experience (unless you’re Tarantino, but alas, I’m not that ugly).


So in the meantime I’ve been jotting down ideas, scribbling away at ways to make the film club shine better next semester, and well…for anyone who reads this blog and is a Future Film Maker…I’ll announce a few changes now:

Thomas and I have decided that I will be doing the minimal amount of behind the camera work possible this semester. We will both act for you and provide pawns for YOU guys to move around and begin truly learning the trade. It has been decided that, now that the club has proper footing and will have a bold new source of members with this upcoming school year, it is time to start giving it away and placing the responsibilities where they belong: in the hands of everyone who truly wants to see it grow. We have big dreams for what this club can do, and the new building- with state of the art tech and teachers- WILL give us this chance like we’ve never had before. I’ll talk more about that, but you guys should comment if you’re reading this and definitely give us your two cents. I’m not working alone on this anymore, as Vice President, Thomas has as much authority as I do. You guys can trust him and myself- we want to make something for the community. Not just us. This is the opportunity of a life time and we’ve all got to be a part of it!

We’ll also be coming up with business cards, T-Shirts, a website, and new activities and events! Keep your eyes open!

::getting off the soapbox::


Ok well that’s about it for now. This summer I’ve seen 3 movies in theaters, WALL-E, Wanted, and The Dark Knight. Guess which one is my fav? Well…

The frigging kids movie.

I’m going to Otakon, so is Thom, Mike, Phil, James, and Amber. If anyone else is going- let us know! We’re going to be showing off movies around every corner we can, in every line possible, and we’ll have business cards by then! It should be good for both FFM and SAP.

So yeah, that’s about it for my film life. Going to get more stuff together later, but figure everyone needed an explanation on what’s been happening for the last 3 or 4 weeks of summer. I’m not completely oblivious to my responsibilities as President of one of the truly TOP 25 clubs in SU! WE RULE!

Be sure to check out the forums. We’ll be getting some more dedication to FFM later on this summer as well.