Super Jerks

Two semesters ago I took a class called Electronic Field Production at Salisbury University. In the glass we made simple films to learn the basic structure of cinema. Of course I already had a grasp on that, and some of the other students didn’t. Luckily- I got to group up with three guys that knew what they were doing, and REALLY WELL. Those guys were Mateo Samper, Scott Evans, and Ian Hunewill. You can actually see them all in a video I helped shoot called The Korean Connection that I uploaded here a few months back.

So, I accidentally forgot to give Mateo his tape back after editing, and I decided I’d upload his directorial gold for him, especially in time to parody The Dark Knight and all things marvel. He approved, so here it is!

So now I present, SUPERJERKS

Batman and Superman meet up to thwart another crime. In the process they reflect upon their cooperative careers, the good times and the bad.