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Guess I fell off the horse, seeing as how it’s been almost a month since our last post.

So I’ll make up for it with a brief musical interlude (NOW A NEW CATEGORY!) before we get to big business later next week.

Sometime last month (I can’t keep track of time anymore), I went to see a band called No Compromise perform at the Austin Grill in Downtown Silver Spring. I had heard of the band, having been in town to witness the filming of their new music video, Sugarcoated, but hadn’t really seen them play. So I figured when I went to see them I’d catch some of their rocking on video. I was pleasantly impressed with the results! No Co, as they like to call themselves, truly rock, even when going completely unplugged, as we get to see them in this recording of one of their newest tracks, “The Longest Drive” off their new album, Kaleidoscope.

No Compromise will be playing again tomorrow night (FRIDAY THE 10th) at  The Austin Grill in DTSS!

Thanks to Jack for permission to post the video of their music.

Note: While this isn’t a true music video, I edited it in a similar fashion to some of my old Mania Box videos that I did back in 200…7? Be sure to check those out for more crazy color/cut-in editing and me beating people to death while wearing a leather jacket and shoulder length hair in Florida! Gotta love the Sony Vegas built-in effects packages.

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MAX ACTION reporting in for duty! This is bigger than BLACK OPS! All next week I’m gonna be recruiting troops to join me at N-Code November at Club Orpheus to SAVE THE UNIVERSE from EVIL! Here’s my video:

Join us for a night of gaming, drinking, dancing and dames (or dudes!), cause N-CODE IS WHERE THE ACTION’S AT!

Check out more MAX videos on BLIP.TV

We’ll be celebrating Halloween the best way STRIKE A POSE!!! Films knows how- with a brand new video featuring Max Action and an apocalyptic horde of zombies!

Filmed in Downtown Silver Spring during the 2010 Zombie Walk up Georgia Avenue! Be sure to let us know if you see yourself in the video! We still have at least 2 more parts to come!

Due to Zombie Invasion, the Strike Back for this month will be moved to tomorrow.

Max headed out to N-Code October this month. The results were AWESOME.

When the music stops at N-Code 2010, Max Action and crew bring their own lyrical and rhythmic talents to the floor. Wait till you hear this mesmerizing a-Capella laid down before your very ears!

Here’s a small sample of the good times that were shared at Club Orpheus!

Max Action Live at N-Code : Acapella Song Time!

More videos to come soon!

This Friday Max Action will once again be bringing the ACTION  back to N-Code!

To celebrate the blood and gore that drips all over October ’til Halloween, we’ll be bringing you some classic splattering action with an intense, super competitive, highly EXTREME tournament of champions-

-that’s right, we’re going oldschool with MORTAL KOMBAT II for Max Action’s first ever “MAXIMUM KOMBAT” tournament at Club Orpheus. Entry is free with admission to the Club, just sign up with the tournament bracket…or…

OR IF YOU’RE A REAL MAN OF ACTION follow Max around the dance floor and publically declare “I CHALLENGE YOU TO MORTAL KOMBAT!” so that the whole world knows YOU HAD THE BALLS to dare challenge MAX ACTION.

Club Orpheus on Facebook

Here’s the schedule for the club night:

N-Code is back…IN ACTION! With Max Action! He is a man of ACTION and he is coming to make you man and or women of ACTION!
Come on out and party hardy to mad rave beats from DJ GH057, DJ RAVERFOX and UMBRIS as you wage war in our upstairs gaming arena! As always, any lovely gamer ladies are welcome to dance and play for free until 10:30pm.
The gaming tournaments WILL RESUME, headed by none-other than Max Action himself!

We are an 18+ Event. You must be 21+ to drink. You must be this tall to ride the rollercoaster. (?) Quick details for N-Code n00bs below.
– Rave Downstairs and Bar
– Video Game Lounge Upstairs
– Registry for Tournaments Upstairs; commencement at 11:30pm
– Ladies enter free until 10:30pm
-$7.00 Cover