Hey everybody, your local crazy filmmaker here once again, reminding you to STRIKE A POSE!!! for all your favorite things!

Or you know, whatever gets you up in the morning.

For me, one of my favorite activities is editing video, primarily using Sony Vegas – something I approve of much higher than the convoluted Adobe Premier. I really hate sounding like I’m “pimping” something out, but in all honesty I wouldn’t be where I am (or at least where I’m getting to) without this program. I plan on purchasing the next version sometime in the near future.

I’ve been using it for nearly a year now and I can say it really pays off- just look at what I’ve been able to make using footage from the video game DEVIL MAY CRY 3 and the song “Had Enough” by the alternative rock band, Breaking Benjamin. Using my newly gained knowledge of moving the frame, adding lighting effects and blurs, I’ve come across some new techniques for fantastic visuals, some of which will be used in the upcoming CLASH OF STUFF edit from the Salisbury Film club.

Here’s the video:

I’m really proud of the moment when Vergil (the guy in blue) cuts the Reaper monster in half. I blurred the image so it blur around everything but his sword, as if that’s the last thing the Reaper monster sees before he explodes. For the explosion, I increaded the brightness to impact more on the moment in a way the game engine really couldn’t have done. The video is really only half done, as I didn’t do the whole song yet, but its definitely going somewhere. Might submit it to Otakon or something, seeing as its one of the more professional AMVs I’ve seen myself (I have over 50 on my Hard Drive alone). AMVS (anime based music videos) are one of the best ways to practice editing hands down, and I’ve only made one before this. And that was mostly in the juevenille Windows Movie Maker. Vegas is a whole other monster.

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed, and just so you know, yeah, DMC3 is one of the main places from which I got the idea for the title STRIKE A POSE!!!