Hey everyone, Dylan again (as no one else has yet to write anything for this site anyways. I’ve decided to start posting the older STRIKE A POSE!!! Films up on this site so t hey are accessible to anyone who doesn’t want to surf through the three other pages I’ve made for videos related to this company. Trust me- with Myspace and Youtube as the other alternatives, I think you’ll agree just having them available here is probably for the best.

It’s entitled The Third Path and its the first movie I ever made under the STRIKE A POSE!!! moniker. Starring Sam Anderson, Stuart DeMattia (a professional actor), with Trevor Hintz and Robert Novich in supporting roles, this film is a STAR WARS tribute/parody in the most amatuer of senses. No you won’t find any mindlessly frustrating hours of rotoscoping in this film, but I was kind enough to add sound effects, so as not to completely rupture everyone’s brains with just HOW amatuer our first outing was.

It was originally edited in Windows Movie Maker, later sounds were edited in with Sony Vegas 5.0. Anyways I hope you all enjoy. If anyone has a video response of better star wars fan films, please send them in through comments as I’d love to see your work too!