Well, well, well…

Your trusty blogger and President has been away for quite some time now.
Sorry, busy New Years, hope everyone’s went well. It seemed to go pretty good for the film industry, with a hugely successful financial weekend bringing Ben Stiller’s family vehicle, Night at the Museum (a very good move in his career since his comedy is rarely anything higher than juvenile anyways) up past the 100 million dollar mark. Runner ups were feel-good films Pursuit of Happyness, Dreamgirls, Charlotte’s Web, and the surprisingly critically-loved Rocky Balboa.

It seems like even the film industry got into the holiday spirit, gracing viewers with some of the most quality films of the year in the last few months. Many websites and critics agree. I suppose that Casino Royale could prove to be the turning point for a critically despot year in which the box-office was ruled by super heroes and pirates. I personally love escapism films as long as they have a point, and thankfully the crappy ones have seemed to have faded out in a year where we have been stuffed to the point of vomiting with absolute crap. Flimsy flicks like Eragon have quickly fallen off the radar, and all is well.

The crap we have to look forward to next year? A Ghost Rider adaptation starring Nic Cage that has yet to inspire any life outside of a hunt for director Mark Steven Johnson’s (Daredevil) head, Hannibal Rising which could be either crafty horror-revenge humor a’la the first two Hopkins films, or a tacky joke like Red Dragon (which I liked, but found very pale and shallow)…

You know what, I just looked through the first four months or so of films being released to theaters, and I can’t say I’m very disappointed. Things seem to be going in a better direction than I assumed. It seems like things won’t die down for the industry at least until April, when that won’t be a problem anyways because the Tarantino gore-fest Grindhouse will come out and obviously dominate box offices like every Tarantino movie. Ever.

IN OTHER NEWS: It seems that the general Internet press was wrong about the Silent Hill 2 News and that until further notice from the man himself, Neil Gaimen has nothing to do with it. You can see for yourself at www.neilgaimen.com This is VERY disappointing news.

Multiple projects have gone under way, but so far only one has been sucessful this season: Joe Belivitz in: CAR TROUBLE met with plenty of good film to edit and seems to be one of the best works we’ve produced so far. The PEREGRINE SAGA short, In the Darkest Places is in the writing process and should hopefully come to fruition in the next few weeks with some scenes at least planned if not filmed for a summer 2007 shoot. Sam Anderson’s swing-oriented action movie, The King of Swing (tentatively title) is still in the writing process. Please check the forums if you’re interested in either of those two movies!

Meanwhile I’ve been working with Sony Vegas and learning new editing techniques. I almost wish I could blast the muzzle flash demo from memory, as now I have way cooler effects to work with that are proving to create much more professional looking film.

A demo of my new-learned techniques will be up soon with a Devil May Cry 3 AMV: Dante’s Had Enough with music from Breaking Benjamin.

So let’s see some COMMENTS! I want to know what you guys think is up! Reviews requested? Film plans in search of? Anyone wanna act? This is going to be the best year YET for STRIKE A POSE!!! Films, so stay tuned!